Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tis the Season to be Jolly!!!

I haven't posted in so long, and for that I apologize. December has definately been a trying time for my family, but at the same time I find so much to rejoice in.

On Dec 1 we recieved a call at 5:00 p.m. that my grandfather was being rushed to the Emergency Room in Eufaula, and we needed to come immediately. Within 9 hours he had passed away. There was nothing more we could do to ease his pain, there was only 1 thing the Father could do and that was to call him Son unto his own. I have been so unsure of my Papa's salvation since my very own in April of 2001, and on Dec 5 my uneasiness of his eternity were made ever so clear. The pastor reassured me that indeed my Papa was spending eternity with my Heavenly Father. He informed me that during my Papa's last hospital stay he had gone to visit and my Papa seemed some what clear as to what as going on around him and had so many questions to ask, one being about the sureness of his Salvation. They read through the Roman's Road, shared in the Lord's Supper and indeed my Papa had accepted the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior. PRAISE THE LORD!

I've been to serveral Christmas performances, Christmas parties, eaten alot of Holiday foods and just spent time really Celebrating the birth of Jesus. It has been great. I don't think I could ask for much more fun! I've had a couple short down moments, because I realize that this year I have lost 2 of the greatest men in my life and they will not be here for me to spend Christmas with, but I jump back quickly in rememberance that they indeed are Celebrating with Jesus himself. How great does that sound to you?

We are in Gainesville with Wesley's family now and are already having a splended time! Had a Christmas party over at Christy's (tha big Sister) house last night and have just rested most of today, it has been great.Tonight we will go to an incredible candlelight service at Northwest Baptist Church, then we will come home and hacve mom's fantastic Chicken Lagsauna. My neice Jessica (5) and my Nephew Alex (2) are so dang excited, and it's just the cutest thing ever!

More on the excitement tommorrow! Gotta get all prettied up!