Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome Home Ball Photos

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Let Me Introduce You To.......

9 weeks photo.....12 weeks on Monday
The newest addition to our family!

I've known for 11 weeks that we are expecting but was waiting until the beginning of the 2nd trimester to share our news. We'll thanks to a good scare this week our news is out, because there is NO WAY to deny God's protection in our life in such a time as this.

I had a functional cyst on my placenta, the size of a banana, to rupture on Wednesday afternoon while I was napping with my Wee Man. I had no idea that I even had this creatures until it ruptured causing me to think I was loosing this little life that is STILL growing inside of me. I was awakened b/c I actually thought I had pee'd my pants (You can laugh because I surely did). I was so embarrassed and thankful that my husband was at work, but once I discovered I was bleeding I thought otherwise. I couldn't get my husband home from work fast enough. Thank God for 2 great friends and my neighbor who came to my side within minutes.

I was able to been seen in the Doctors office on Wednesday evening about 30 minutes after I discovered the mess and within 1 hour was admitted to the hospital in bed where I'd spend the next 2 days My doctor is straight forward and takes good care of his patients, if he thinks something is's absolutely necessary.

There is a 2nd cyst that was the size of an Orange but thanks to some GOOD medicine and complete bed rest it is now about the size of a half-dollar. It is slowly shrinking. We hope that by Monday it will be completely dissolved and will not rupture in the mean time.

I am thankful that our baby is still growing and is healthy inside of me. I told my friends that came to sit by my hospital bed that God was protecting me from the inside out. I am so grateful that when my life could have become a mess of emotions God stopped me straight in my tracks (on the toilet) and said very clearly.."Hey You, Just wait....It's all under control. Throw it ALL off and depend on me." Friends when I say I heard him clearly, it was as if he was sitting there right beside me on the next toilet. I just said Alright....I am yours, this baby is yours, my family is yours....we will wait. So, here I am. Finally home but on bed rest until further notice. WAITING desperately for the Father!

I was close to being hospitalized last week also. This baby seems to be eating enough for itself and then eating all I need. HOGG!!!! I was going to have to go in for nutrient infusions but thankfully the supplements I am taking are doing the trick. Besides sleeping all the time and having to eat for what seems like 4 we're making progress.

Wes and I are desperate to know what God's intentions for our life at this point are. We've both come to realize that God is wanting more of US and less of everything else. We had to make the decision while I was in the hospital that I would put everything off, including school next semester until after the baby is born. I'll still work my few hours a week from home and 2 days a week at the chapel but I will be more concerned with my health and my family first and foremost.

I'd like to ask you to please continue to pray for Wes, Clark and I as we cope with the changes that are taking place. Bed Rest isn't easy for me. I'm not a good sitter. I can sit still long enough to read a People magazine and thats about all I am good for. I'm doing pretty good so far though but if this last until 14 weeks like it very possibly could I will be one miserable sole.

We've been blessed and the blessing are still flowing!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Whopped Momma!

My life is like a race car these seems to be going round and round, round and round.

I have finally finished up my mid-terms and the 2nd part of the semester is beginning. I will be so glad when 2-8 of November gets here when I will complete my finals and have a short little break. These classes are KILLING me. I'm so thankful I didn't decide to take Biology AND Math at the same time. I'm an American living in Germany, taking a German class, as an elective, and desperately trying to pass with a B.

Clark was sick with a pretty yucky case of bronchitis the entire week after his birthday. This crud is going around here as I'm sure it is back in the USA as well. His Kindergarten is infested with the crud and I'm so worried we'll get it again sooner than later. The Dr. here has started him on Abuterol as a precaution for Seasonal Asthma because of some of the symptoms he was having during his sickness. The inhaler actually seemed to help him tremendously, especially in the evenings.

Wesley started back to work Full Time on Monday and let me tell you I enjoy having him home, but I enjoy being able to keep my house clean as well. I've been able to keep it picked up for the last 3 days with no difficulties. Clark again is a little confused because Wes is back to working longer hours. I think he's afraid that Daddy won't come home.

The Batallion Homecoming Ball is next Friday and I'm very excited about going. I can't wait for you guys to see the differences in the pictures from 2 years ago. Of course, you remember I am 37 pounds lighter than the ball in September of 2007. My German friend Jeanette's sisters Ute and Madeline will be coming from their home town about 1 hour away to keep Clark for the night. He loves them both and it gives him a chance to work on his German and them a chance to work on their English. Ute would really like to go to America after she completes High School this year as a Nanny(Opair?). Maybe I will send MckMamma an e-mail and let her know that Ute is available!!!

The weather has quickly changed for us here. Today it is around 40 and I'm freezing. I'm a year round flip flop wearer, but today I actually decided that it might just be too cold for this tradition. I'm not sure my feet have re-adjusted to Germany yet, after being in Alabama last winter/summer. The German's can tell who the CRAZY American's are in the winter....mainly because of our shoes. This winter I won't get that title I don't think. I even had to order more winter clothes and hopefully they will arrive soon. Of course, I had to get Clark some things as well :-).

There are a few changes that are taking place in our family, but you'll have to hold out for a little while longer before I reveal these changes. I promise you guys will be one of the first ones to know!! I'm going to try (no promises) not to stay away for so long again. I've got to learn that I NEED to make time for you fellow readers...Especially Mrs. T

So for now...It's nap time :-) Need to take a rest so I can get on a research paper and 1000 word essay this afternoon.


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