Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OIF 3 Homecoming Photos

At the Hangar Patiently awaiting Breezy's arrival

Clark was very impatient, but man oh man did he look cute!

My buddy Amber (her husband came in Main Body 1)

Future A. Co Playboy....Right Daddy?

Getting ready for the doors to open and trying to hold Clark still

The doors are opening...FINALLY

I think Clarke had spotted his Daddy...RIGHT ON THE FRONT ROW!

American Solider....I'm An American Soldier (Toby Keith song that played as doors opened)
Most Amazing site i had seen in 13 months

There's my Breezy Baby!

He found us :-)

Our first moment together as a family
Clark first told his Daddy..."I'm A Soldier Just Like You"

He was too excited for a family photo but we tried anyways.

2nd attempt and a LITTLE bit better

Enough of the uniform...I'm ready to play
(It was so hot in the hangar and getting him to keep his clothes on for 2 hours was a chore)

Clark asking his Daddy..."You Come'd out of the Flag Daddy?

This is Breezy's roomate Cards and his sweet girlfriend Anne at the ceremony. Young Love!!!!

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Donate to Procreate

Breezy and I are friends with a couple that are stationed here with us in Germany, Jeremy and Alana Jonas. Jeremy and Alana have been trying for several years to conceive and up to this point have had no luck. Jeremy and Alana both desire greatly to be parents, AND would make amazing parents. They are 2 of the greatest friends we've made here in Germany (and are very sad that they are leaving us in October).

*Alana welcoming Jeremy home after 13 Months of Deployment*

The couple has been to speak with a specialist about their options and their first option would be In-Vitro Fertilization. The cost of having IF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is not really likely when you are living on an army salary. For some reason it seems that the IF process is more expensive here in Germany.

I would like to ask you all to do 2 things:
(What I am going to share with you is NOT a scam. It is all true and a cause that Breezy and I are both in full support of. )

1. Pray for Jeremy and Alana as they continue their journey to become parents whether through IF or adoption. They do desire to TRY to have their very own children first, but adoption is not completely out of the question. Alana comes from a family with 3 adopted siblings whom she ADORES!

2. Consider giving to the Donate to Procreate fund. All monies will be used for the purpose of IF for Jeremy and Alana AND all remaining funds will be used to contribute to the establishment of Donate to Procreate (Non-Profit Organization).

You can find out more about Alana and Jeremy at
Donate to Procreate

Here is a video (that can also be seen on the website)
donate to procreate - L@n@s's MySpace Blog |

If you are interested in giving please visit:

Breezy and I will be donating ourselves to the fund because we know how much Clark has changed our lives and how much we love being his parents. We are in the praying stages about the amount of money that the Lord would have us give. We trust that you would prayerfully consider doing the same thing as well.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Life As A Military Wife: Our Life Begins Again...Together

I'm sorry i've been away for sometime but our family has been "reintegrating" army style. Breezy arrived home safe last Friday in the early afternoon and since then we have been non-stop. He has had to work 7 days straight and we are thankful that as of today he is off for the next 4. I have sent him away this morning to play some golf with his friends. Shh...I just needed him out of the house so I could get some things done (laundry, vacuum, dust, mop).

There as been a lot of things going on that has taken some getting used to again.
1. Clark absolutely adores his Daddy and wants to be wherever he is, but Daddy is so used to being alone so often that it has become a little bit overwhelming at times. We're doing our best to give Wes his little bit of "alone" time so that this doesn't begin to take an emotional toll on him.

2.I've gone from sleeping alone, in the middle of the bed, till 9 or 10 a.m. (YES Clark sleeps that late too) TO having my bed partner back, sleeping on my side of the bed and getting up most mornings by 6:30. Talk about a change in pace for ME. I've needed a nap everyday!

3. Laundry for Clark and I has been so simple over the last 13 months...2 Loads and we're done. Daddy came home and today I will be doing around 9 loads of laundry. We've got our regular laundry PLUS all of the Uniforms, PT's, etc. that he brought back that smell like inscents. YUCKY! Laundry is a stress reliever for me because I can go down to the basement for a little alone time, but man oh man more than 3 loads and it becomes a chore.

4. Cooking for a family of 3 instead of myself and Clark. I was eating so good before Wes came home, now we're eating lots of carbs. That will change though as soon as this Post Deployment Hunger runs away though :-). Dinner time, it's just one of those things I love most about being a family and that is sitting down together at the end of the day to enjoy a hot meal together to unwind and spend just a little bit of time together before bed. Thankful for a table to gather around!

Well for now thats about it. I have more laundry calling my name from the basement and a 3 year old who is reorganizing the newly organized DVD shelf. His Daddy might not be happy if he comes home and they aren't in their designated slot.

Love to you all from our HOME!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Life As A Military Wife: Welcome Home Part 1

Here is a video from the Homecoming Cermony for our first group of soldiers.

Breezy SHOULD be here anytime, but only time will tell (that means he is NOT in this video, but Miss April is). You can see Clark and I standing in the chairs trying to see. We are ready though for him at ANYTIME! I've been on a roll today, baked a key like cheese cake, chocolate cake and 2 loave fresh zuccini bread, did laundry, worked VBS from 9-12, gave Clark a haircut and cleaned up all the last minute stuff.

I've got a lot of pictures to post in a series of post over the next few days. Once Breezy is home I can catch up on my picture uploads and not leave you guys hanging anymore :-)

P.S. I just need to say one thing....
I hate no it alls and people who try to run my life just from reading my blog.

Until Next Time...Be Blessed
Mrs. B

Saturday, August 08, 2009

And The Count Down Has Begun.....

Hey Yall!

Miss. April our 2nd favorite solider, one of my dearest friends and Clark's amazing babysitter is only HOURS now from arriving home with the first group of soliders from this long, drawn out deployment. She is in port now waiting for her flight back here. We've got our Welcome Home Miss April sign in the car, our clothes ironed, the house cleaned and stocked with tons of food...We're ready to go pick her up. Miss April is a single solider, but we've GLADLY welcomed her into our home as part of our family.

(This is Miss April during her R&R back in Germany with Clark's favorite little friend Noah)

Breezy still has to make it to port and will come home to us later this week, but we're not sure when as of yet. We are beyond excitied for his homecoming. Can you hear the excitment? Clark and I have been busy making posters and decorating our stairwell, cleaning, working in our little yard and getting Daddy a Basket made with all of his favorite things. We've only been able to speak with Breezy every few days because he's so busy getting things ready to hand over to the Batallion that will replace our Batallion. He's still working long hours and getting very little sleep so being home in a matter of days will be soo good for him AND for Clark and I.
Even more exciting news, I am pleased to announce that I was called to serve as the Religious Education Coordinator for our chapel here in Germany. It is only a one year position then I will have to go through the entire process again. I'm not sure we'll be here any longer than a year so it works out perfectly. I am so excitied about the opputunity to serve our chapel family. I will ALSO be doing a lot of work with the Children's Ministry as well and that gets me sooo excitied. I'm ready to see what plans the Lord has in store for me and where he is going to move this ministry too.
It's time to get the laundry started. One LARG cup of joe and some Thomas the Train and I'm ready to start my day....sorta.
Homecoming photos to come SOONER than SOON...I hope :-)