Friday, November 28, 2008

There Is a Fire in the Works

There is a fire brewing on the Sander's farm (my dear sis-in-law) in Melrose, Florida. This photo was taken from the backdoor of her trailor. With the winds there is no telling where these blazes are headed, but her home and a 2 million $$ home are in the lines of the fire. She, her husband John along with the rest of our family are there now 6:43 p.m. clearing out their mobile home as best as possible. I am at my MIL house with all of the Grandchildren. We've just had chinese food. It's time for bath time and a movie :-).

I will update ASAP.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just Letting You Know....We Made It

My Beautiful Nephew Jeffrey!

Hey Ya'll!

I've made it to Florida just fine! I arrived at the Kia dealership for them to tell me that there was nothing wrong with my car....BLAH! From there I headed straight for Gainesville.

Clark was super good in the car . I didn't hear a peep out of him until we pulled up in the drive way at the Brezina's and then he was calling for his Papa.

The last 2 1/2 days have been great. Mom B. and I spent most of yesterday baking and preparing most of the food for tommorow. In the afternoon my oldest SIL and her family came over and boy was I glad to see them. Clark loves playing with his cousin Logan who is 8 months younger. Today my other 2 SIL's and BIL's have arrived and Clark is having a big time. Almost all of the cousins are here, and those that are missing will be here tommorow. We're just missing daddy A LOT!

My 20 year old nephew will be flying in from Aviation Training tommorow for a few days. My SIL is so excitied. It's been since June that I last saw him. I'm excitied for my SIL, but in my own heart I feel as if my heart is being torn apart. I want so badly for the Hubs to be here. I want to go to the airport tommorow and pick him up with my baby boy...but that won't be happening until atleast May.

Well its time for dinner..Grilled Shrimp, Onion Quiche, Short Ribs, Hashbrown Cassarole and Fried Cabbage. YUM-O!!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to Yours!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Headed Out, Or Well I hope So. is already no better than yesterday!

Clark's got the Crupe (or so it sounds), and I'm pretty sure I've got a cold in the making, more so that yesterday. Clark is still sleeping so I am sitting here with a double cup of joe and hoping that this headache eases up so I can load up our car. The dryer is going now and in about 20 minutes I can finish packing my suit case. Nothing better than waiting until 9 p.m. to do laundry.

We're headed into Dothan to have the dealership take a look at the car to see if they can get it fixed today. I'm praying they can. I want to be on the road to my In-Laws TODAY not tommorrow. I HATE for plans to be changed. I'm on a schedule and thats how I'd like to keep it. I have the whole week planned out and it includes lots of HOMEWORK, playtime with my little man (if he feels better) and some much needed a little family time and some turkey too.

The only thing missing in this trip with be my dear Hubs. This week I'm sure is going to be one of my hardest weeks yet. Yes, I miss him alot here at my parents house, but sleeping in his bedroom, being with his family and him missing is just going to be difficult. I'm praying now that God will use this time not as a reminder that Hubs is away but as a time of refreshment. Hubs, I know you wish you could be with us, but this time will not allow. We love and miss you and this Thanksgiving Season we are MOST thankful for you and your service to our country. Thank you for doing what you do, espeically for Clark and I.

The hubs played a pretty silly trick on me last night. I was frustrated from sitting in front of the computer for almost 4 hours working on math and he signs online just to check on us before heading to working (9:30 pm our time and about 5:30 his time.). He could tell I was a little beside my self and he says "Maybe I should just come home." We'll i'm not silly I know he was kidding so I replied "Well I wish it were that easy." he say's...Ok, babe I'll be right there. Oh how I long for the day when he can say that to me and I can actually take him seriously.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday= Day of Rest

Nope, not in this house.
I noticed yesterday that Clark was running a little bit of a low grade temperature and his voice was kinda raspy. I kept my eye on his for the evening and got up several times during the night to check his temps and give him Motrin/Tylenol. Today, his voice is almost completely gone, he's running a temp between 100-102 up and down and he sounds like a dog barking when he coughs. YUCKY! I wonder what his throat feels like? Too bad he doesn't understand enough to tell his Momma. I feel like I too am getting whatever it is that he has; bad headache low-grade temp and a sore throat. The show must go on though!

So what have I spent my day doing thus far.

1. I got up with a sick baby at 12, 2, 4, 5:30, 7:30 (for good)
2. I found out our sweet friends Josh and Christen's town home over in Chapelwood burned yesterday evening. I got up and ran some boxes over to them so they could salvage what was left.
4. Went to the "DG" as Darby likes to call it to find a Dry Erase board to keep up with my to-do list on, and to by some antifreez to fix the next problem I found.
4. Discovered I have a leak somewhere in my NEW car. It's leaking antifreeze. (I'm suppose to leave for vacation tomorrow)
5. Now, I'm lying in my bed while my precious baby sleeps beside me giving him a breathing treatment for the 2nd time in 3 hours. It's easiest when he's sleeping. He can't fit me.

I have 4 math assignments and a test to complete no later than 11:59 p.m. tonight. I'm just hopeful for a long hot shower and a good dinner tonight.

It's days like today when I miss the Hubs more than you guys will EVER know. Here's to a restful Sunday for you my friends!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've Been Pimped...Again

I'm Ready Mom...See how nappy his hair was.

Clark's first haircut at a Barber Shop with Mrs Morgan
(Daddy, When You get home this is YOUR JOB!!)

Clark after his haircut. He looks like he's thrilled huh?

Clark and his Bobo (tell me Clark doesn't look just like the hubs :-) )

Thanks to Jennisa once again over at Once Upon A Blog for giving me just what I wanted.
I've always loved the title of our blog "Scattered Fruits" and at this time in our lives it seems to be even more appropriate for us.
She did the design last time and I was very satisfied with the results and I must say that this time I am even more pleased. It's almost like she's a mind reader :-). I knew sorta what I wanted, but with just a simple explanation Jennisa gave us this beautiful product of her expertise.

Thanks Jennisa for hooking me and my happy family up.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Day

Clark checking out the helicopters

Just look at how handsome He is in his new jacket

He absolutely LOVED the leaves


This is my littlest boy Bailey, He liked the leaves too.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DanceMakers Competition

KD Kids Competition Team

Sr. Company Members

Clark (in Tiffany's shoes) and Hailey

Mommy and Clark watching the Solo Competition

This is what happens when Papa Johns doesn't cut the pizza!

We're home from competition (a week later) and I think we are finally caught up (somewhat) on our rest. I danced some and watched a lot of classes during the weekend. Thankful for all the new combination's, choreography and teaching techniques that I learned. Tried them out in a couple of classes this past week and they seemed to go very well.

This past week has been kinda crazy with getting ready for the holiday's and our week long trip to Gainesville to visit Wesley's parents. I have ALMOST finished shopping for all 9 of my nieces and nephews and my in-laws. I decided not to by for the other 6 adults. I will leave on 24th or 25th to head down and probably come back some where around Saturday afternoonish. Of course we'll get up early on Friday to go shopping and Clarke will be staying at home with his Papa :-).

I have finished my shopping for the Hubs and now I'm just waiting for one more thing to come in and then I can send it off from the good ole Post Office. I'm sure the box will cost me 45-50.00 to send....It's worth every penny though! Hubs will be so surprised when he sees all the goodies we are sending his way.

My mom and I were talking today and I have decided that Christmas is going to be very low key for Clark and I this year. I'm not going to make a huge deal out of it and he will not be getting many presents 9he just had a SUPER DUPER 2nd birthday too). Why, you might ask? Well I want 2009, when the Hubs is back home, to be HUGE and we'll make a super big deal about it then. Little boy will understand far better and we'll all be together as a family to celebrate. Hubs being gone is going to make the holidays a little difficult. Especially spending Thanksgiving with HIS family and sleeping in HIS bedroom. It's all good though because we'll have a good time and hopefully get to relax a little!

We'll i've been up with the Monster since 5 a.m. He's either having night terrors or growing pains in his legs. Any suggestions on how to deal with these fits of crying sometimes every hour on the hour or ever few hours. I'm so worn out and at a loss for what to do with my baby boy!

See You guys TOMMORROW....I hope :-)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

All in A Weeks Work

Clark on the Tug Boat Ride...He disliked it as much as Mommy

Clark riding on Chicco
He LOVED the Pony ride!

My cousin Jenn and I enjoyed corndogs from THE Corn Dog Man

Clark asking me for "Qwatas" to get food to feed the animals in the Petting Zoo.

This past week was a very busy one for Clark and I. Here's a little look at what we accomplished;
* 4 test
* Taught at the dance studio 3 nights
* Started choreography for recital dances
* Car had an Oil Change
* Went to Susie's twice to drop off and pick up pants she was altering
* Went to Preschool 2 days
* Clark pee-pee'd in the potty a few time..well maybe 3. We're making progress SLOWLY
* Made 2 trips to the Eye Dr.
* Got to talk to the Hubs quiet a bit this week :-)
* Enjoyed going with Clark to the Peanut Festival on Tuesday
* Traveled to Mobile with my best friend Hailey, Clark and one of the dancers Tiffany on Friday for our first Dance Competition of the season.


Competition Pictures to come later!

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