Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi You All!

Just wanted to let you know that Clark and I are getting ready for a big Welcome Home Celebration at our House. The word is that we should have our soldier back by the end of the 2nd week of August. I spoke with Wesley today and last night FINALLY after not hearing from him in 3 days. He has moved into transition housing and the National Guard Unit from NC is there to replace them. All of the soldiers are hot and not getting much rest because of the heat. They are all very worn out and ready for this to be over with, as well as the spouses. It's work, work and more work until they finally get on the plane to fly.

Clark and I will go to the Hangar next week to Welcome his favorite babysitter Mrs. April home. She's returning with the first group of soldiers and we are looking forward to being there as her "Family" when she is released. We've made posters for Mrs. April and Daddy and we have a countdown calendar outside of our door for the both of them. It's been busy here, we've prepared single soldier rooms, we're hanging Red White and Blue ribbons this weekend and our big Welcome Home Sign, we're planning the Re-Deployment Ball for October and getting things ready here at home as well. This weekend we'll be decorating the stairwell with our Neighbor Mrs. Sara to welcome home our Daddy and Sara's husband Curtis (or Curty as Clark calls him).

I am proud to report that I have a potty trained kid (poop and all). He has done outstanding the last 2 weeks. It was like we got here and something clicked. We've had only 2 accidents in 2 weeks and those were during nap time and while playing with his buddies. He enjoys flushing the toilet the most...Pushing the Clark button but NOT daddy's button (Jonathan and Anna know what I'm talking about). I'm so proud of him and how well he has adjusted to being back here in Germany. It's made this transition so much easier. He is ready to go to his Schule (school). We walk by there everyday and he ask if he can go see his teacher. We've got our backpack, german slippers, we're potty trained and so we're ready to go! AND..Clark is going to be playing Soccer starting August 31. He will be on the 3-5 year old team. Wes is very excitied about teaching Clark a new sport.

On another note. I was offered a job my first Sunday back at church. I have done most of the paper work and have met with the Chaplain and word is that the contract is MINE.I meet all the requirements and more. I will be the Religious Education Coordinator for our post Protestant and Catholic. I will work only 1 day during the week (possibly from home unless they need me at the chapel), one Day a month for meetings, and on Sundays. I'm excited but will know for sure hopefully by the end of this week. This paper work process has been excruciating.

Lastly...I'm going to have completed my AA by May. I am taking 5 classes this semester and will finish with an AA and immediately transfer back to BCF to complete my degree in May. It's all in the works at BCF all ready! EOCC will not work with me on the Early Childhood Program and I will finish my degree quicker by returning to BCF to complete the Christian Education Program. LONG STORY SHORT.

I'm working on some paper work for the new job now so I should get back to that. I hope to hear from some of you soon!



Monday, July 27, 2009

In Our Desperation We Cry Out


I am not sure how many of you have noticed Precious Stellan in my side bar OR read/have read McMamma's Blog but Sweet Stellan is not doing well AT ALL. Read McMamma's Blog "My Charming Kids" to get the whole scoop. Here is what I can tell you, Sweet Man's heart is failing as well as his kidney's, his body temps are low and he is vommiting in excess. He has what is known as SVT and because of his age he is unable to recieve any more real aggressive treatments, as he has had in the past. He is the brother to 3 older sibilings, and son to one of the best mom's I have ever "met". Please friends, flood the gates of Heaven with me on behalf of this little fella. The Father has a plan for him as we all know, but pray that his mom Jennifer and his Father "Prince Charming" would see this plan revealed right before them.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I WANT a New Look

for the blog that is...i'm open for suggestions..maybe even a name change too.
Please comment with your suggestions.

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VERY Urgent Prayers.....Please

I'm not able to go into much detail, one for the safety of my beloved Breezy and our Battalion and secondly due to the nature of the incident Breezy is not at liberty to share anything that he knows (which is more than I ever want to know AND I do NOT know). After reading this article US Military In Iraq Say 3 Soliders Killed please begin to pray specifically for the soldiers of our Battalion 3-159th ARB, and for the families and other Battalions that were DIRECTLY involved.

Thanks be to our Jesus for sparing the soliders of 3-159th ARB from any danger. I can report that all of our soliders are safe and ALL counted for and other than offering up assistance none of our soldiers were directly affected.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Ways of Life for Some......

Since i've been back in Germany I have once again become familiar with the question "Have You Heard........?". When I was back in Alabama I did get asked that question several times by my friends that remained here in Germany for the deployment and most of the time my answer was NO. Now, I'm hearing the question face to face and my answer, sadly enough is YES.

I would love to tell you some of the things that have been brought to my attention, but I will not allude to someone else's disgrace and filth. There are spouses here on our post that are living very distasterful lives and it disgust me, makes me want to puke. I wouldn't ever want my husband to hear that my behavior has been such as theirs. I wouldn't want him to come home to me in that same condition. I'd hate to know how their spouses feel about their behavior.

Friends let me say one thing very clearly......
I hate rumors. I hate being a part of rumors. I hate gossip. I hate being a part of gossip. I want to say ...... IF you think you need to include me in your gossip....check your facts first, ASK. I'm pretty open to telling the truth, sometimes a little harshly at that. Scripture tells us that the Words of our Mouths and the Meditations of our hearts should ALWAYS in everything be pleasing to Him. That is my desire. I will have NO PART in the rumors or the gossip. My husband will not be a part of the rumors or the gossip. My family will be free from the "disease" that is killing so many families so quickly.

Sorry for the rants, but I needed to get this off my chest.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hi Friends!
Clark and I made the trek back to Germany. My big man was a champ on the plane and I couldn't even begin to thank him for that. We did sleep some, but not very much. We arrived here in Germany around 10 and guess what i did first.....I WENT OUTLET SHOPPING! My friend Tracy picked me up and we decided that it was best for me to stay busy and to keep big man busy so that we would sleep at night. And that we did...15 1/2 hours.

We've been busy non-stop since we got here. I've cleaned a lot, but I'm going to be doing a lot more in the next few weeks before Wesley gets home. Clark has played his little heart out in his new big boy bedroom and with our German friends whom live down the street.

We took a visit to Clark's new Preschool/German Kindergarten today and it is so nice. He got to visit with the class he will be in and his teachers seem so nice. He will start in September and go from 8-Noon everyday. I'm just as excited about him going as he is. Clark will be in the same class as his buddy Benjamin.

Well friends...all is well here. I am safe. I am very very tired so I am outta here! Please be in prayer for my bloggy friend Mrs. T over at Gatherings. Her precious momma, went to be with Jesus over the weekend and it was very unexpected.

I'll post some photos soon of our "New/Old" Home and of Wee Man with his German Watermelon.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

1. Tattoo's
(they must have meaning though)

This is Wesley's new Tattoo...he got this the week before he left. Happy Father's Day Breezy
This is my newest addition. YES...I do already have a tattoo. I have 3 stars on my shoulder blade b/c "I Wanna Shine Like the Stars in The Heavens". This Peace Dove (on my right foot) is a reminder to me that there is Peace in the Storm. Lord Knows I need that reminder every day!
2. Dying My Hair
(but only when my roots are so bad I can't stand it)
I went from a head full of blonde and more blonde highlights to Dark Brown and Black

3. Clark Dancing in His Undies and Pretend Tap Shoes

4. Packing to go to Germany after being in the USA for 1 year

5. Blogging while listening to some Rob Thomas on my Hot Pink Ipod

oh but there is so much more, but there's no time for now.
I'll be back in a few with those promised photos!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy 4th of July (A Little Late)and My Life as A Military Wife: Daddy's and Deployments

Pledge to the Flag (or so he thought)

My KK enjoying the Kids pool

This was just Lunch on Saturday. The bar was all the real food, the table held all the sweets.

My favorite cousin Kaci and I...about 10 p.m. and I was lookin' terrible

Kaci, Me and Lane (Kaci's best friend)
Hi Friends!

Last Wednesday I left Dothan at 9 a.m. headed to Atlanta for an overnight trip so that I could drop my car off to be shipped on Thursday. My cousin Taylor (14), Clark and I would do a 24 hour turn around and make the trip back home with another cousin Jessie (19). We spent Wednesday evening swimming at my aunt and uncles in Social Circle and having a GREAT dinner at Applebee's with our cousin Shane and his Fiance Dana. Thursday we got my car sent off at the Vehicle Processing Center and headed back to D-Town before 1 p.m. Seeing that inspector drive my car to the parking garage was like a breathe of fresh air for me. BY August 17th my car will be in Germany for us to pick up and enjoy for the next portion of our tour.

The Celebration of our Country's Independence has come and gone and man oh man am I still worn out. Clark and I had a VERY busy weekend with lots of the "Clark" (that's my maiden name...remember) family here for a Semi-Family Reunion.

By Friday evening we had around 25 people here at our house and enough food to feed an Army. My uncles and aunts prepared 15 pounds of hamburger meat, 48 hot dogs and of course beans, stewed squash, pasta salad, fresh field peas, pound cake, baked beans and all the fixings! It was a great night.

Saturday we started all over again. Clark and I headed over to "Gilmore Farms" for a 4th of July picnic as tradition always holds. It was so hott, but let me tell you my boy loves to be outside, hot or not. We arrived around 1130 but only stayed until about 130 because of all the family arriving back at our house for the day and a nap was needed by Clark...desperately. After a good nap and lots of good food (today we had 4 whole pork loins, 3 boston butts, chicken breast, deer sausage fresh green beans and peas, corn on the cob, pasta salad, squash, lots and lots of sweets and watermelon) we broke out the swimming pool and water hose to cool off a little. I think the big kids/adults enjoyed it more than the kiddo's did.We spent the afternoon relaxing on the back porch in the shade and just really enjoying each other's company. At dark we decided to put up the Volleyball net and get our game on. I think the older adults enjoyed watching us younger adults/grandkids make a fool of ourselves.

It sure was a great 4th of July with a lot of family we won't be seeing again until we return from Germany in 2011.

Below you will find the link to a video called "Price of Peace". Be sure you watch it all the way through. It is VERY good. It was written by a 13 year old who has experienced her share of saying "Goodbye".


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