Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maryland Update

I would ask that you would begin to pray today specifically for my Mother and I as we prepare to say goodbye to our Family in Maryland .We are amdist a situation that we knows could need to be taken care of sooner than later. We are in much anticipation.

Mom was in Maryland back in Jan. to visit with my Grandfather and since returning here for a 2nd visit she has noticed a significant downward spirial in the progression of his Alzheimers/Deminsia.

The first day we were here he thought that Mom was a man (and for those of you that know her, if you take a look at her chest you can't deny that she's a woman), and still after 6 days of visiting he still has no idea who any of us are. He refers to Clark as his "little friend" and has continued to call me that "pretty girls that keeps coming and going." Clark and I have been staying at my aunts ALOT and only going over to the Grands for a few hours at a time. There is WAY too much stuff for a 2 year old to get into. She also has a dog and 6 cats in the house.

Grandaddy has done and said some really crazy things since we've been here. For over an hour on Tuesday he sat in his chair repeating "Cindy Lou C-I-N-D-Y-L-O-U, where are you, Cindy Lou" he was also looking for Cinnamon(Cynthia/Cindi is my mom's name). We think that he's looking for my mom as a young girl and is just confused.

I found him dressing in my Grandma's clothes on Tuesday also. He took a long nap in the bed and we think he got up thinking it was Morning and was re-dressing for the day.

He remembers being in the Military like it was yesterday. He knows he was a Sailor for MANY long, hard years, but has told me twice that he was in the Navy for 64 years. He was active duty for 25 years and Civilian for 20 + years. He knows that Breezy is in the army and in the war, he knows that my cousin Corey is in the Air Force and he remembers that my cousin Mandee's husband John is in the Marines. Ask him about any of us girls and he has NO idea.

It's such a sad site for me to see, but I know that this could go on for a long time. He will be 87 this year and I must say up until last year when he had his Brain Surgery he was sharp as a nail. The anurisum (spelling ?) really did him in.

My mom is feeling a little torn about leaving tommorrow, but we know that there is not much we can do at this point. Besides his mind, physically he is still pretty good. He's a little unstable on his feet, but nothing holding onto a cane can't help. My 76 year old Grandmother is getting worn out though, and we know there will come a time for us to make "THAT" dreaded decision. We're just hoping that its not as soon as we think. We've visited the Home for Veterans here in Maryland and it is beautiful and very nice AND There is no waiting list at all. It would be our first pick.

I know this post dosen't make a lot of since but I just needed to get some of this off my chest. Tommorrow I will leave, knowing that this could be the last time I get to see him since I will be returing to Germany in July. Saying goodbye today could be one of the most difficult days of my life. I am praying for a peace that is overwhelming for both my mother and myself.

I've gotten alot of good photo's since I've been here and plan on posting them for you all to see. You'll love the action shots of Clark with his Big Big. They absolutely love one another.

I'll update when I am back in Alabama.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Leaving in The Red Car........

Hi Friends

I haven't forgotten about you all. I've been very busy trying to get LOTS of school work done, finishing up dances in order to prepare for our recital in 5 weeks and lastly packing for a LONG car ride up North to see my beloved Grandparents. My mom and I are loaded up and are planning to haul out of Dothan around 3 a.m. We're leaving Daddy at home to take care of the dog-babies! He's not a good stay at home by his-selfer, but my Aunt and Uncle will keep a good check on him and the dog-babies.

I'd like to ask you to pray for me as we visit with my Grands. My Grandfather's Alzheimer's is quickly progressing and I am sure that he will not remember Clark or myself, but my biggest concern is that this could be the last time that I actually get to see him. In July I will head back to Germany and Wes and I are planning to keep our feet planted on European grounds until we have to return to the USA in 2010....Unless plans change otherwise. Don't worry communication is something that is not lacking between my Grands and I. My Grandma has gotten pretty computer savy in the last couple of years!

I'm looking forward to stopping at Cracker Barrell somewhere around South Carolina for Lunch. That always seems like the best part of the trip to me!!!!

We've got LOTS of snacks, the DVD player, books, toys, and the laptop to keep Clark busy. Its 10:45 p.m. now and he's still up. I'm going to let him stay awake until he crashes so that he'll sleep good in the car :-) I've got all of my CHD 202 and 203 assignments that I am planning to finish between tomorrow and the day that we finally decide to drive home. My plans are to finish up both of these classes this week so that I can concentrate particularly on my Creative Portfolio. Mom and I will take turns driving....if I can stay awake. Something about the car (even on short rides) makes me wanna sleep. I'm not a good car companion unless you like to drive in silence.

Breezy is doing good. In about 9 weeks he'll be heading home for some much needed r&r and we are really looking forward to some good family time together. By the time that he comes home he will have been gone approximately 10 months. We've got alot planned, but at the same time alot involves laying on the beach and playing at Mickey Mouses' Castle!!!

I'm working on a blog that I will bring to you later this week when I have time to sit and finish it. It'll be for my "Military Wife" friends out there!!! Stay Tuned.

G*Night Yall!!!! I'll blog tommorrow if I can to let you know how my first visit with my Grands goes. I was there back in August and it was tough, praying for peace that surpasses all understandings this time!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


just get done taking a test in its entirety in Excel (2 hours)
Had problems saving.
Professor couldn't save either.
Decided to hit the print button so I could at least have a hard copy of the worksheet.
When doing so the ENTIRE system shut down.
Yes, friends I LOST everything.
Auto Recover did not do its job.
I had enough time left over to be at the CDC to pick Clark up, meaning no 2 hours to sit there and take the test all over again.

So tomorrow I head back to EOCC to take this test again. Man am I PISSED!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Flies When Your Too Busy to Think

I feel like this month is just flying by me.

I've not stopped long enough to think about what's going on around me, but I think my body is telling me different. I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat and one of the sinus headaches that makes you wanna stay buried under the covers ALL day. I hope its just a nasty sinus infection and not my yearly case of strep throat. I stayed inside most of the day only leaving long enough to make a run to the Wal-Mart for my favorite aunt who broke her foot last week, and to walk down the drive way to get the mail.

Last night Clark and I played campout in the downstairs family room. We got out the air mattress and watched lots of toons! I was trying to stay awake until 10:00 news came on so that I could catch up on the information about the Shooting Rampage in Geneva County and Kinston. It was just devestating to me. Breezy is pretty sure he worked with the fella Michael McClendon at Reliable Products. Pre-sleep was fun but Clark did not make a very good bed partner last night. He tossed and turned until about 5 a.m. and then he slept good until 9 a.m., but of course I was up at 8:00 to get my normal cleaning routine started!

Clark has been a wild child the last few days and its wearing me and my parents out. I'm not sure what we are doing different or if its just the change in the time/weather, etc? Any suggestions for taming a toddler going through the OH SO TERRIBLE 2's?

Just some Randomness: My calendar for June is quickly filling up. With the hopes that Breezy will be home the first week of June, we've got a trip to Orlando, 2nd week a trip o Daytona planned plus a trip to Atlanta for the Clark Family Reunion and lastly we'll finish up the month with MY BIRTHDAY!

Well my friends I'm off to finish up some assignments that are due on Friday and to study for 2 pretty tough test that I am taking at 8 a.m. in the morning.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

No You Just Didn't

That's been by phrase for the week.

Potty training has been going pretty good but I must tell you about Clark's newest fad.
Evidently he can not stand to have on poopie undies, so instead of telling his Mommy, he attempts to fix the problem himself. WHAT A MESS! It all started on Saturday morning when I found his undies in the trash, poop in the toilet and him washing his hands. He was so excited that he had "put it in the toilet". I couldn't help but laugh. Now, Saturday afternoon after his nap he comes running out of his room yelling "I got no pants on", now I was sure he had on his blue jeans when I put him in his bed. Sure enough! I found blue jeans by the toilet, poop in the toilet, DIRTY pull-up in the trash and my sneaky youngin had put on a clean pull-up. How about that for a 2 year old? This new fad, It's been an ongoing thing. I hope he outgrows this very soon!

In other news, as of last Friday TAPS, Inc. has several new sponsors.
Woodham's Plumbing
Obstetrics & Gyneogology
Gilmore Farms
Donnie and Vanisse Gillilan
Wicksburg High School FFA
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (This is the down syndrome group in Dothan/Wiregrass Area)

*The Special Steppers will be dancing at the Kelly School of Dance recital on 26 April, and are looking for other oppurtunities to perform/make ourselves known in the Wiregrass area! Trust me when I say that they are too cute and soo much fun to watch!*

Breezy is doing well. Still working the night shift, which has worked out very well for our communication. It will also be good when he comes home for his R&R b/c we will already be on the SAME schedule sleeping. I was told this week that my Solider should be home in early September! YAY!!! A new little PX has finally opened down on their camp which should make a life a litte easier on me. I won''t be constatly running to Wal-Mart and the Post Office to send boxes. Don't get me wrong, I will send ANYTHING that will help make Breezy's life a little easier, even if it means going to the post office and waiting in line once a week. Also, Breezy will be moving from a tent full of his Company to 2 man Units. They look like little storage rooms, but better than 30 guys. Finally a little bit of privacy and maybe even a full nights sleep too :-).

This weekend my best friend is coming for a visit and I am so excitied to see her. It was September when I saw her last so its been way to long. We're still holding on to each other's Christmas presents. We've got a lot of fun things planned.
1. Haircut tonight with Rexy at Mane Lines
2. Dinner at LaBamba's
3. Yard Sale at Darby's house tommorow (all of you should come too)
4. Getting my stuff organized a little in storage (Cleaning Up and OUT)
and who knows what else we'll find to get into, but whatever it may be we'll have a GREAT time! Clark can't wait for Buggy to get here at Noon!!! I'm sure she'll wanna take him to the park to play. She's soo good to him and he loves to play with her!

Other than that I figured out this week that since end of July 2008 I have lost a total of 22 pds. I know that dosent sound like a lot to some but it was 4 pants sizes (so far) for me which means more than the numbers. I've lost 9 in the last month on weight watchers but more inches than anything. I've ordered my swimsuit for this year and I'm determined to look good in it by the end of MAY when Breezy comes home and we head to Mickey's House and the Beach!!!

We'll I'm off to the grocery store again. My favorite Aunt fell on Wednesday and broke her foot so I'm going to run some errands for her this morning. Then we're off to McD's to play on the playground for a while!!!

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

44 Things You Might Not Know About Mrs. B

1. Do you like blue cheese? Yes, only with wings though

2. Have you ever been drunk? unfortunately yes on more than one occassion

3. Do you own a gun? no...but grew up in Alabama and my daddy had PLENTY!

4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? Fruit Punch

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Sometimes. Especially when I go on Post to Clinic since I never seem to see the same Dr. or PA.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? Grilled with a little ketchup on a bun and I'm good!

7. Favorite Christmas movie? The Santa Claus series and Home Alone

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Big up of Coffee

9. Can you do push ups? Yes, I make my dancers do them so I have to do them too!

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding/engagement set and my new diamond earrings.

11. Favorite hobby? dancing (especially TAP), being crafty/sewing

12. Do you have A.D.D.? Yes...BAD

13. What's your favorite shoe? My new tenny's and any of my flip flops

14. Middle name? Ann pre marriage now its Clark

15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? Its too cold for this girl outside, let me finish my coffee before we start playing, Joel OSteen has some really good points.

17 What is your current hate? Deployment

20. How did you bring in the New Year? with my in-laws babysitting my nephew

21. Where would you like to go? well in my dreams I'd go to where Breezy is and rescue him, but really I just wanna go back to my HOME in Germany!

22. Name three people who will complete this? hopefully Mrs. Tonja, April and Stephie

23. Do you own slippers? yes, have gotten so use to wearing them in Germany (tile floors in our apt) now I have to have them!

24. What color shirt are you wearing right now? Blue sweatshirt with sailboats

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? NO.

26. Can you whistle? yes

27. Favorite color? Red and Black but lately I've really started liking Green

28. Would you be a pirate? Yes...we are a pirate family :-) (inside Joke with FarBink)

29. What songs do you sing in the shower? Don't sing in the shower, not enough time. i'm in. i'm out!

30. Favorite girl's Name? Mary Morgan or Loralei

31. Favorite boy's name? Wesley "Clark" and John Thomas

32. What's in your pocket right now? my jammies do not have pockets

33. Last thing that made you laugh? My best friend calling and saying "ITS SNOWING OUTSIDE"

34. Best bed sheets as a child? my blue t-shirt sheets

35. Worst injury you've ever had as a child? well i broke my arm twice (once on the monkey bars once playing basketball), dislocated both knee caps (once dancing, once I fell out of a chair)

38. Who is your loudest friend? I have an acquaintance that is VERY loud (especially after a drink or too)

39. How many dogs do you have? 2 that both live with my parents. Dustie and Baylee

40. Does someone have a crush on you? Yes my Breezy!

41. What is your favorite book? we'll i broke my "I'm not reading about vampires" trend and am now reading the Twilight Books and I'm hooked

42. What is your favorite candy? Twizzler Pull and Peels

43. Favorite Sports Team? Auburn Tigers, Florida Gators and Atlanta Braves

44. What was your favorite year? do I have to pick just one? 2009 will be great b/c Breezy is coming home to us after 13 months of deployment!

I'm tagging; Darby, Mrs. Tonja, Stephie and April C.

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