Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just to Catch Up

Clark thinks he is a Ninja! Check out the headband(s) he's wearing!

New sheets from TJ Maxx. I got them for a steal, 500 Thread Count for 39.00. Can't beat that when the original price was 70.00. Breezy isn't going to know what to think when he comes home to his "Palace" back in Germany and gets to sleep with his Queen on something other than 200-300 count!! The brown pillow with the white dots is the print of our new quilt and shams. I made that purchase at TJ Maxx about 3 weeks ago. Original cost of all items was 179. I paid a little under 100.00 for 3 pieces.

Last week Clark decided he wanted to plant a "Garden" but refused to let me put his play clothes on before going outside. I decided it wasn't worth the hassle, the weather was gorgeous and I was ready for a little break. Today I ran to Lowe's to pick up some Temporary Blinds for my bedroom and came across the cutest little Diego gardening tools for children. We'll be planting some flowers for Grammy and BoBo on Friday if everyone is feeling up to par.

Mommy's feeling blah.
Clark has a nasty cold and what looks like pink eye.

Those two things together mean:

Staying home (unless you desperately need to make a run to TJ Maxx),
No time at the gym to release stress that is slowly but surely taking over your entire body,
Sleeping as much as possible since the 2 year old can not sleep at night

I must ask you to pray with me and Breezy. We have submitted papers to extend our tour in Germany for another year. We were both trying to make the decision on our, but last night after a long phone conversation (which seldomly ever happens) we decided that the only way we would ever know if we were in obedience to God's Will was to just give it to Him like we should have done in the beginning. So, the papers are being submitted on Faith. The outcome will be conformation for us. (My Life As a Military Wife story coming too on this topic).

My Daddy had an epidural today in his back and is in a lot of discomfort. Clark can not understand why BoBo can't pick him up and love him like he always does. Hopefully he will be feeling like a new man in a few days.

If you haven't gone and you have boys sizes 0-18 months or girlies of all sizes then you should definitely hit the road. I didn't find much in the 2-4t boys but there was tons of smaller sizes. It is being held in the Old Michael's building at Northside Mall.
Word of advice if you do decide to go...Don't take your children, It's crowded!!!!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Down in the Swamp

Hi friends!

Clark and I made it safely down to the Swamp to spend the weekend with the Birthday Girl, Breezy's mom. Our trip was very easy this time. Clark watched a movie and slept. I made one stop in Tally to quiet a screaming toddler who was fighting his sleep tooth and nail, then we were high sailing from there! We left around 9:30 a.m. and arrived around 1:30 p.m. which means I made very good time despite all the Police on the road. When we arrived Clark was thrilled to give his MeMa a new floral arrangement we had made and to see his Papa in his big chair!

Last evening my sister in law came over with 3 of her 4 children, Steph 18, Chris, 12 and Logan 1.5. Clark and Logan enjoy playing together and it is really alot of fun to watch them and to listen to their excitiment. MeMa was letting the boys ride their tricycles in the house, round and round. She said "You have to pick your battles" (Clark and Logan are the 7th and 8th grandchildren), my SIL piped in and said "No Mom, after 4 children and 9 Grands you're worn out"! I got a good laugh. I love spending time with my neices and nephews and am thankful that I have gotten this oppurtunity to spend so much time with them.

Dinner was also EXCELLENT. My MIL and I are both doing/maintaining Weight Watchers so she had prepared to feed me good but RIGHT. We had marinated/grilled pork chops, stewed squash with onions and white acre peas YUM-O!!!! I knew I had saved all my points for dinner for some reason :-)

Ok so this is a "Not Me Monday" kinda ordeal, even though it didn't happen on a Monday. On Thursday I dropped Clark off at the Preschool and then ran over to the Clinic to see about getting some new Birth Control because the new ones that I had started were making me nuts....literally NUTS. The nurse comes in, I explain the situation and she says that I must go to the Lab and take a Pregnancy test...Now my friends, I continue to explain to her "the ONLY way I can be pregnant is if it is the Virgin Birth all over again". She still need more of an explanation so I proceed...My Husband is in the Sand Box Mam' I'm NOT pregnant. She then says, "Are you sure"..YES I AM SURE. I finally just gave in and said "OK give me the cup and I'll go pee in it." Around 4 p.m. that afternoon she called and said "I was just calling to let you know that your test came back negative." I wanted to say to her I TOLD YOU SO, but I refrained and said thank you is my new prescription ready to be picked up!!!!

Next on my list of No, Not Me's....On Wednesday I did NOT find my son trying to hide his poopie pants from me. Clark told me he wanted to go PeePee by himself, so I told him to go ahead, I would be there in a minute to help. I waited and then went in to find him Pull Up Off, and cleaning poop off his legs. He knew that if I found poopie in his pants that I would be upset and even better he wouldn't get a potty prize. He was trying to hide it. He had even dumped the poopie from his pull up into the toilet and was getting ready to flush it down. CAUGHT YA!!!

Breezy is back at his base now after 5 days of rest/studying away. I missed not talking to him Via the Web-Cam but I LOVED hearing his voice on the other end of the phone line. Clark enjoys talking to his Daddy too! I just love hearing him tell Breezy "I Love You Daddy"!!!! Breezy is heading to the promotion board on the 25th so if you have the time between now and then say a little prayer for him PLEASE!!!

We'll I'm off to get ready to spend the day with the Birthday Girl (Manicure and Lunch) and to take my lovely niece to look for a prom dress!!!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

TAPS, Inc.

I told you this was coming. Just out of honesty, this company has stolen my heart. The precious, precious dancers that have become a part of the Special Steppers class are the joy of my heart (besides my 2 boys) and also that little ray of sunshine at the end of my week. I am desperate to see this company fulfill the goals and commitments. As of right now we only have the funds to see this company through until the completion of the 2008-2009 dance year, which is in April. We are currently working to raise funds and have sent out over 100 Sponsorship Packets to individuals and businesses in the Wiregrass Area.
*Not being pushy I promise BUT If you would like to prayerfully contribute to the financial needs of this company or know of any individual or buisness who would be willing to become a Sponosor for TAPS, please let me know and I will get to you a packet of information.

What is TAPS, Inc.

TAPS, Inc. is a non-profit organization, formed in the summer of 2004 by a group of volunteers consisting of parents, families and supporters as well as a team of young aspiring dancers. Our primary focus is to enlighten the local community to the resurgence of tap dancing and to inspire other young men and women to learn more about the art of dance.

As of October 2008 TAPS, Inc. is a dance company made up of students with special needs, and are known locally as the Special Steppers. Our students range in age from 6 to 20 and each have a very unique medical diagnosis. Despite the special needs of the students, they each hold a passion for tap dancing that is far greater than most can begin to describe.

TAPS, Inc. encourages these young dancers to participate in activities which
- challenge their individual skills and talents,
- build higher self-esteem,
- develop heath and fitness
- and create a sense of teamwork with commitment toward a unified goal.

Our community and the surrounding areas will not only be enriched by the activities planned for the Special Steppers, but will continue to benefit from this group of directed, committed, and positive young people as they grow and contribute to society through their lives.

Our Goals:
To sponsor the Special Steppers program, a tap dance class specifically tailored for citizens of the Wiregrass community with special needs.

To develop and promote outreach programs, designed to encourage health, fitness and self-confidence, especially in school-aged children.

To offer scholarships to further enrich area dancer’s technique and performance skills
through special programs and training.

Our Commitment:
To continue to provide additional opportunities to dancers with special needs, improving physical and motor coordination through the rhythm of dance and interaction with others.

To promote dance as a vital aspect to fitness and healthy living and as a means to encourage a true sense of team work and to build higher self-esteem.

To provide opportunities for dancers in the Wiregrass, including Special Steppers, in order to enhance their skills in public venues while both preserving the art of and enriching the community through tap dance.

Special Steppers Program
We believe the rhythm of dance can play an important role in a child’s development, especially those with special needs. Dance and the interaction with others contribute to physical and motor coordination, as well as the growth of self-esteem. As a result of this conviction, TAPS, In. is committed to sponsoring the Special Steppers program.

This program is designed to give a special group of children the opportunity to take tap dance classes, an opportunity never before offered in the Wiregrass Area. Funded by the donations made to and the fund raising of TAPS, Inc. this endeavor should prove to be fun, exciting and educational for the dancers and their families. Through music and dance, they will not only learn new skills, but will also improve their physical, mental and interpersonal abilities despite their limitations.

Each member of the Special Steppers class receives a pair of tap shoes and weekly classes at the Kelly School of Dance. At the end of each year, each of these very special dancers is given an opportunity to perform, in costume, at the Dothan Civic Center and the Kelly School of Dance annual dance recital.

As of October 2008, TAPS, Inc. is sponsoring two Special Steppers classes under the direction of Megan Clark-Brezina. We are offering a class for our 3rd year student and also have available a class for our beginners. There are currently 11 students enrolled, with room for a few more.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Life As A Military Wife: Loving My Soldier More

Hello Faithful Friends.....

It's been 15 days since I last posted but man oh man have I been one busy woman. Not only have I been busy, but I've been trying to hold myself together. The first 16 days of February have been kinda difficult with Breezy being gone.

Clark and I helped Breezy celebrate his birthday via the Web-Cam on the 4th of this month. I know this sounds silly but I love making a big deal about my boys birthdays. It was very disappointing to me that I couldn't prepare Breezy's meal of choice for dinner or prepare a birthday cake or dessert with Clark especially for his Daddy. Birthday days are an all day ordeal at our house starting early in the morning. Next year we'll have a Birthday Week at our house just to make up for what Breezy missed this year.

School is making me crazy. Thankfully 2 of the 4 classes that I am taking are self-paced so I have been working on them a little here and there but enjoying them the most! My LAST math class and my Computer Information Systems classes are full force and require doing some sort of assignment everyday. They are not open to the oppurtunity of working ahead of the calendar which really stinks. I'll make it though I promise!!!

Everything is going well at the Kelly School of Dance and with TAPS, Inc. We are now 8 weeks away from the recital and believe it or not I am counting down. I have throughly enjoyed teaching this year and I will desperately miss teaching next year, but I honestly believe that there is a Season for everything. I think the Lord allowed me this "Season" to keep me busy and my mind free of worry during the hours that I am in the studio. I am prayerfully considering the possibility of taking TAPS, Inc. with me when I go back to Germany. I would LOVE to be able to offer Tap Dance to other children who have Special Needs, not to just those here in the Wiregrass. (Look for a Post Later this week in Regards to how you can support TAPS, Inc.)

I started WeightWatchers online 2 weeks ago and the progress has been good. Now, I am not by any means overweight but I just never lost all my baby weight from when I had Clark 2 years ago. Prior to WW I had already lost around 26 pounds on my own( since arriving in Alabama last July), but I still feel like I need to loose anothe 20 or so. In the last 2 weeks I have lost around 7 1/2 pounds. Following the diet has not been hard at all, and the activity portion is definately not a problem for me since I am in the studio around 10 hours a week. I'm looking to be able to wear a NEW swimsuit when Breezy comes home for his R&R later in the summer. I promised him when he left that I'd be half the woman he left!! I'm getting closer to my desired goal :-).

We are still potty training. We've got the peepee'ing down to a science. I set the timer every 30 minutes and we get on the potty...lots of potty prizes for this little boy! BUT, trying to get this little man to Poopie on the toilet is becoming a chore. He's only gone once and I think that's because I caught him mid-push and sat him on the toilet. Clark is a hider when he does the big buisness. He's so sneaky. We have tried several times to catch him in the act and get him on the toilet and he just tells you "not yet". We'll get there though in time. Hopefully before his daddy comes home and we head off on vacation!!!

Clark has discovered that he has a vocabulary now that exceeds his 2 year old mind. Early last week he was chasing one of our sweet puppies around the kitchen so my mom gave him a little pop on the behind, he turned around with the ugliest look on his face and said "Gammy, why'd you do dat?" and repeated himself 3 times before stating, you hut my hiney." Granted she did not pop him hard at all, but atleast it got his attention. Next, I was trying to tell him he had Abs on his belly and he looked at my 13 year old cousin and said "Whats the Craps". That translates into whats the abs, or atleast I hope so? Late last night we were trying to get him to "Pull up your britches" and he comes back with "Gammy I not pull up my "bit**es". Oh dear, we must get his letters going in the right order.

Now on the the title behind this blog....I must first say that there is long drawn out story that goes back to July of 2008 but that I do not feel that I should share it on the web. Regardless, since July of 2008 I have been discovering a new love for my husband that I never knew existed. His time in the sandbox has been one of the most profound times in our marriage. As I spent this Valentine's alone (well not alone but without my Big Valentine) I took the time to ponder all the good things that the Lord has done in our marriage during this time of seperation. Friends, our marriage is far from perfect, but I can honestly say that our marriage has developed a new strength for being held together on the bases that Christ has set before us in scripture.
A card would simply not do for Breezy during this "Season", there was not one that was meant for being millions of miles apart (Remember I had this delimia at Christmas too) . I simply took the time to write him a VERY long love letter and put down on paper all the things that the Lord has been revealing to me this month. Let me share just a few things with you;

1. Breezy is the most unselfish person I have serioulsy ever met (if unselfish is even a real word)
2. His love for Clark and I is faithful and pure
3. Loves me despite my flaws and imperfections
4. Loves me for the woman that I am, and desires to help me become the woman I want to be.
5. Serves his Family, and allows me to serve him and Clark
6. My desires are his desires, His desires are my desires...we desire what is best for us together as a family and pray that the Lord would know those desires.
7. Some give MOST Breezy gives ALL

That's just a few, the letter consisted of a few others as well. I am very thankful that I have been given a husband that was created just for me. They say opposites attract and that my friends would be Breezy and I. Our opposites have thankfully created a unity that is undeniably a thread that can not be broken. We are holding strong to each blessing that the Lord chooses for us and are thankful that HE has chosen to work in our lives individually and in our marriage to one another.

Lastly....I booked our plane tickets back to Germany for July! We'll be going home then to prepare for Breezy's Homecoming!

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

What I Have Done and Still Need to Do

The object was to bold all of the the things on this list that I had DONE. It was kind of funny to go through and see how much I have done and yet how much I haven't. Things I would like to do and things you could not pay me to do! :-)

Started your own blog

Slept under the stars (not a fan of bugs)

Played in a band

Visited Hawaii

Watched a meteor shower

Given more than you can afford to charity

Been to Disneyland/world

Climbed a mountain

Held a praying mantis

Sang a solo

Bungee jumped

Visited Paris

Watched a lightning storm at sea

Taught yourself an art from scratch

Adopted a child

Had food poisoning

Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty

Seen the Mona Lisa in France

Slept on an overnight train (In China 2003)

Had a pillow fight

Hitchhiked (Yes in Africa 2007)

Taken a sick day when you’re not ill

Built a snow fort

Held a lamb

Gone skinny dipping

Been to a Broadway show in NY

Ran a Marathon (one of the things you couldn't pay me to do)

Been in three states at once

Ridden in a gondola in Venice

Seen a total eclipse

Watched a sunrise or sunset

Hit a home run

Been on a Cruise

Seen Niagra Falls in Person

Visited the birthplace of your Ancestors

Seen an Amish community

Taught yourself a new language (kinda trying to learn more German)

Had enough money to be truly satisfied

Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person

Gone rock climbing (yeah on a rock wall :-) )

Seen Michelangelo’s David

Sung karaoke

Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt

Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant

Visited Africa (Would go back in a minute if I was able)

Walked on a beach by moonlight

Been transported in an ambulance

Had your portrait painted

Gone deep sea fishing

Seen the Sistine Chapel in person

Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Gone scuba diving or snorkeling

Kissed in the rain

Played in the mud

Been to Grace Kelley’s grave in Monaco

Gone to a drive-in theater (no and there is one less than a mile from my house)

Been in a movie

Visited the Great Wall of China

Started a business

Taken a martial arts class

Swam in the Mediterranean Sea

Visited Russia

Served at a soup kitchen

Sold Girl Scout cookies

Gone whale watching

Gotten flowers for no reason

Donated blood, platelets or plasma

Gone sky diving

Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp

Bounced a check

Saved a favorite childhood toy

Visited the Lincoln Memorial

Eaten Caviar (one of the you couldn't pay me to do it things)

Pieced a quilt

Stood in Times Square

Toured the Everglades

Been fired from a job

Seen the Changing of the Guards in London

Broken a bone

Been on a speeding motorcycle

Seen the Grand Canyon in person

Published a book

Visited the Vatican

Bought a brand new car

Walked in Jerusalem

Had your picture in the newspaper

Read the entire Bible

Visited the White House

Killed and prepared my own meat

Had chickenpox

Saved someone’s life

Sat on a jury

Met someone famous

Joined a book club

Lost a loved one

Had a baby

Seen the Alamo in person

Swam in the Great Salt Lake

Been involved in a law suit

Owned a cell phone

Been stung by a bee

So now I am going to tag five others and I am tagging:


Mrs. Tonja




So girls...I am curious...go copy and paste this list into your blog and bold your "dones". Can't wait to know more about you!

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