Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

From Our Family to Yours,

Praying You Have a
Blessed New Year

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the Clark-Brezina's

Clark right after they put in the IV. He was so brave. He did better than Mommy.

BoBo assuring Clark that EVERYTHING was going to be alright. He Promised!
He also gave Clark M&M's and Rootbeer in his Cuppy to see if it would make him feel better.
"That Did the Trick" my Daddy Said.

Mommy's Boy on the Way to the Hospital
Hey Yall!
It's been a rough few days. I apologize for not letting you guys know whats been going on with Clark but he's been a very sick little boy.

Here's a little Time Line of Events:

Called Dr. L, Clark running temp around 100-101. Surgery early Tuesday morning.

Up at 3 a.m.
Clark still running temp at 7:15 a.m. when we arrived at Dothan Surgery Center, Dr. L decides to proceed with surgery. Temp was at 100. Dr. F. in anesthisia said said if it was 1 degree higher we would get sent home.
Surgery and Recovery were quick an we were home by 11 a.m.
Clark slept majority of the day but was in a lot of discomfort.
Checked temp off and on all day and gave Tylenol and Motrin to accomodate his needs.

11 p.m.
I think we're down for the night.

Twas The Day before Christmas

Up at 12:30 a.m. Clark very fussy. Check temp; up to 102.9
More motrin

2 a.m.
Momma gets up to to help hold Clark because he was so restless and I was almost at breaking point.

Clark finally dozes off, temp back down around 101

Clark up and just as restless as earlier, temp up a little. More Motrin and a few sips of juice. Bath #1 to try and bring his temp dsown,

We leave to drop off a Breakfast Strata at my Aunts. Everyone was there for Eve Breakfast. I got Clark out of the Car long enough to see everyone, but he fell asleep in my arms.
Home by 10:00. Clarks temp is back up and the congestion and coughing seem to be getting worse. He finally drank his sippy cup, but still had no desire for food. Vomiting begins so we take bath #2.

11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Clark watched cartoons and rested on the couch for most of the day. Mom and I worked hard to get Clark to eat and drink but not with much luck. He did take some sips and at a few cheese crackers but not too many. His temp continued to go up and down.

Gilmores arrive for present exchange and snacks. Clark enjoyed their visit but stayed on the couch or in my lap majority of the time. He did love his new prizes that he opened!

8 p.m.
when we checked his temp it was 103 plus again. We gave Tylenol and decided to check it again after a little while. Clark did take a few sips again but not enough to count. I checked it again around 8:30 and there was no change, 9 p.m. there was no change.

We called Dr. L and he suggested ANOTHER bath and to bring him to ER if the temp had not broken and stayed broken by 6 a.m.. I was concerned about dehydration, but the Dr. said that as long as he was drinking something it was better than nothing, especially with a very sore throat. To the tub we went. I could slowly see the color coming back into his little face, but he was so miserable. After his Vicks bath he decided he would eat a Fruit Chiller and drink some of Gram's sweet tea. I was SOOO thankful. Checked his temp again and it was back down to 101.8, notice I didn't say that it was breaking.

We're in bed FINALLY. As always we turned the Cool Mist on and Clark climed in his bed with his new Wooly Bear and Spidey Man blanket that Deb Deb and Tim Tim brought him for Christmas earlier in the evening.

Its finally time for Mommy to go to bed. Santa has come and we've gotten all the gits out and ready for a little boy to be surprised in the morning. I checked the temperature right before I climbed in bed and it was still around 101, which to me was still low grade. His little body was still cool and he seemed comfy.

I got up to check his temp and it was back up to right at 102. I woke him up just enough for some Motrin and he went right back to sleep.

3:30, 5:00, 6:30
Checking the temps again

Merry Christmas!!!

I get up out of bed hoping that we were about to start our day off feeling better. Boy was I wrong. Clark got up a few minutes later and came down stairs with not a care in the world that Santa had brought a TON of cool new toys. Temp was still down around 101, but you could look at the little man and tell his world had been turned upside down. He did play with some of his toys, but after about 2 hours it was like he just took a complete turn for the worse.

10 a.m.
We couldn't get him to drink ANYTHING at this point and it was almost like he was here with us but in another place at the same time. No wet diapers since about 12:30 last night (and it wasnt even really wet then). Temp was around 102 at this point. He became very restless and after a little Tylenol he finally dozed off. Between me and the 2 dogs watching over him, he probably wished we would stop staring.

10:30 a.m.
Off to get dressed I go. Daddy had been on the phone with his friend that is an ER Dr. and who was also on call at SEAMC off an on on Wednesday and was back on with him first thing in the morning. I decided I couldn't do it ANYMORE. I could literally SMELL the infection coming out of Clark's skin. It was disgusting. I got dressed (sorta) and Dad and I loaded up little Clark in his jammies and off we went to the hospital.
*on a funny note; Daddy smelled the same smell I was smelling but he thought it was his armpits. I died laughing when I noticed him smelling hiself over and over again. I made him smell Clark when we got to the hospital and he was thankful that it wasn't him after all*

11: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Thankfully they took us right in when we got to the ER. THANKS DR. B!!!! They did Chest and Neck X-Rays. Chest should lots of congestion (which we already knew) and the Neck would show us that Clark's little throat (not tonsils) was swollen quiet a bit. They ran an IV and filled my baby with fluids, antibiotics and steroids. They also took blood from the line that showed his White Blood count was down and his Blood Sugar was up. It also showed what we suspected INFECTION. My poor baby :-(.

Clark was being treated for ear infections and sinus infection prior to the surgery. He had already had 10 days of antibiotics prior to the 23rd. From what I can gather, after the adenoids were removed it exposed OLD infection that had settled from the drainage that was backed up behind the swollen tissue. So old infection plus new infections equal one sick Clark.
Dr. B. wanted to admit Clark to begin with, but while waiting for a bed Clarks temp FINALLY broke and he was sweating it out like a grown man. It went for 103.7 down to 99.6 in no time. As the fluids and antibiotics were running through his veins I literally watched life come back into his body. It was a beautiful, yet pitful site to see. Clark went back to sleep about the time the IV started and we woke him up to get him dressed to go home.

I was worried that I had waited to long to take him in to see the Dr., but they told me that I had done everything just as I should have. I of course felt like an awful mother for not taking him in the night before, but I decided now wasn't the time or place to beat myself up.

They DID release us from the ER around 5:00 P.m. I was starved, tired of reading/but enjoying my new book, my heart patient Dad was a nervous wreck b/c he forgot to take ALL his meds before we left home and my Baby Boy was ready for something to eat thanks to the steroids.

Got home and it was like we left with one child and came home with another. He still wasnt 100% but he ate like a champ, had a little more to drink and actually played for just a little while with his new toys.

time for bed. temps at about 100.
I gave Tylenol and off to sleep we went

Clark wakes up screaming
He's soaking Wet from head to toe.
The temperature has broken AGAIN and my baby was Miserable.
I finally sustained him with some TLC and a little juice around 1:15 and he went back to sleep.
I put him in bed with me and he slept until 9 a.m.

Yesterday (Friday) was MUCH better. He didn't take a nap, and ohhhh how I wished he would. He did play with his new toys, but he still laid around ALOT. He was more alert and his temp has seemed to stay down for the most part. I even got him to go for a walk outside which he and I both enjoyed. He ate lots of Chicken Nuggets that BOBO brought from KFC and drank almost an entire bottle of Pedialite.

We're not well yet of course. We've still got a YUCKY cough and lots of snot but we are on the road to well. I am thankful for my wonderful parents who have helped sustain me and keep me sane, my aunt and uncle who have been here on and off since Tuesday night staying every night until 10 or 11 p.m. just to hold and love my little boy and for my wonderful Husband who has called me almost everyday just to say I LOVE YOU!

We were up at 3:30 a.m. so I think it's getting close to nap time again for both the little boy and myself!!!I'm sorry for the late notice, but I will update again soon with our Christmas Surprises from the Hubs and Santa.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If You Have a Moment

for the Family of Garret and Traci Grubbs. Baby Gabe was born only a few short weeks ago very prematurely and was called home to be with his Jesus this past weekend. You can check out their story at CaringBridge: Traci Grubbs
Garret was the youth pastor at Ridgecrest Baptist in Dothan my Sr. year of high school and Traci was my mentor for 2 1/2 years. Their family holds a very special place in my heart.

My monster made it through Surgery well today. We arrived right on time at 0715 and we were home by 1100. Thank goodness. The Lord was looking after me and Clark today.I decided that I thought I could go alone. I'm a big girl right? We walked into Dothan Surgery Center and the first person we see is Mr. Bobby (my dear friend Kat's husband) , he is a Scrub Tech, BUT he went in with Clarke when they were putting him to sleep and rubbed his belly until he knew he was sleeping good. Then there was Mrs. Hannah. She was the nurse who was in the room with Mommy on the day that Clark was born. She was with us all day 9-28-06. Clark was one of the last babies she delieverd ay SEAMC before she moved to DSC. She took Clarke back to the OR today and was with him along with Mrs. Carmen (who was my nurse when I had my surgery in July and I teach her girl at the KSD) when he woke up from Sleepyland. Dr. Lindman was great. He told me that on a scale from 1 (being best) to 100 (being worst) Clark's adenoids were a 100 plus. He said Clark should experience almost instant relief in his poor little ears. Clark's ears are still infected even after day 13 antibiotics, but we will continue for another 7 days and hope for complete healing. He's not doing so well tonight. He's got poofy eyes, a runny nose and a low grade temp that even Motrin/Tylenol isnt touching. Hopeful for sleep tonight and yearning for a great day tommorrow!

Last but not least, I do have a praise. I mentioned a few months back that one of my dearest childhood friends had been murdered in Texas...HER KILLER IS NOW BEHIND BARS. I don't really know anything besides he was 17 Years Old. I'm just thankful that he is no longer on the streets.

Our plans for the next few days really depend on how Clark feels. Tommorrow we will have breakfast with friends of the family and then we'll spend the day recovering. Around 6:30ish the rest of the family will come by to open up gifts. I can't wait. Santa will come for a visit just as soon as Clarke gets into bed.

So for tonight...and maybe the next few days.. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthhday Baby Jesus!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

By the Way...

I got my grades in finally. I recieved 3 b's, all 2 points from A's. I also received a C in math and for that I am very thankful. With all I have going on now and have had going on, I think that my grades were pretty good. Yes, I would have loves to have had a's and b's but not this semester.

I'm registered for 4 more classes next semester and we'll HOPE for the best!!!!

The hubs told me he was VERY proud of me, and that makes my heart happy!!!

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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas in 2009

Hi friends-
I know, I know. I have left you guys hanging again. I do hope that you understand. As I told you earlier the holidays haven't been the best for me so I've been trying to keep myself as busy as possible to keep my mind of things.

I have finally finished my shopping, including my dads as well. My mom only has ONE more gift to buy and I bet I'll have to go pick it up on Monday. I've wrapped all the presents to go under the tree, I just need to wrap those that are to be delivered on the Eve. Before I can do that though I need to figure out what needs batteries and what needs to be put together.

Clark and I had a very productive week;
Monday: we cleaned, made sugar cookies and I decorated for a Christmas Program at the Ft. Rucker's Main Post Chapel.
Tuesday: I attended the program at the Chapel and Clarke had School until 11 the.
Wednesday: we made Jell-O Jigglers and had a Lazy Day
Thursday: Clark had his Christmas Party at School, Lunch at Mama Rosa's and then a lazy afternoon at home.
Friday: Grammy got off a 9 a.m. so we just hung out at the house with her. We made Christmas Ornaments with Clark's picture in them and then had dinner at the "Shop" with the family. Clark recieved an early Christmas present from Aunt Janet and Uncle Kim. Now we have added to our family "Clark the Builder"
Yesterday: We got up early to take a trip to Wiregrass Commons Mall to see "Claus", had lunch at Chick Fila, and did a little shopping for the Mom.

Today, we're staying in all day. Clark was up most of the night with an ear ache and a crupe cough. We saw the Ped. and ENT last week and it was confirmed that yet again we had infections in BOTH ears, so we're having Tubes put in and having his adenoids taken out on Tuesday (yes 2 days before Claus comes), 6 ear infections and 8 antibiotics later (just this year). I know it might be silly that I decided to do this procedure so close to the Holidays, but it was either now or wait until after the first of the year. I can't stand to see my little fella so uncomfortable and we both need some rest.

I'm ready for this Christmas to come and go. I know that I sound like the grinch, but I am desperately looking forward to next Christmas when the Hubs is home from the Sandbox and here with Clark and I and we're celebrating Christmas in Germany hopefully in the SNOW.

I'll be back in a day or two with some photos of some very special friends of mine that I promsied you a week or so ago.

Until then Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

What A Deal I Found...But Not for Me

I bought this new Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor for my parents today. It retails for $109.00 and I got it at the PX on post for 67.00. I was so proud of myself. We have 2 dogs, a Cocker Spaniel and a Toy Dachshund that sometimes have little accidents in the house when we've been gone for too long. Today one of them was very sick (both ends) while I was in the shower and that was the end of it for me. I cleaned 3 different spot and they all look good as new. I'm going to clean some others tommorrow that aren't pet spots and I'll let you know how it works.


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Monday, December 08, 2008

My Life As A Military Wife: Holidays During Deployment

" Our Children Ozzy (Rexy), Clarke (Mine), Charlie Girl (Min)

Rexy, Mindy and Myself

Clark LOVED riding the Ponies that cost me $5.00

Clark telling Charlie all about his "TinkaBell" (jingle bell)

Charlie Girl in her New Christmas Dress
(All photos from the Downtown Christmas)

My Friends, I have let you down once again by becoming neglectful of my blog. I apologize. I get on the computer with the intentions of blogging and then just decide that "today is just not the day".As I sit here this morning with a large cup of joe, I think that today is the day, or at least I hope so. My thoughts may be jumbled, but just bear with me as I share.

The last few weeks have been pretty rocky for me. Most of you know that the Hubs is away "Saving the World" and Clark and I are here in Alabama with my parents. Living with my parents has been great, but with some challenges. They are a huge help with my little man, and what's even better is that the little man absolutely adores them both. That being said, they are part of the reason that I am still almost sane.

I spent Thanksgiving week in Florida with the Hub's family, while it was very refreshing to get away to give Grammy and BoBo a break it was still one of the hardest times I've yet to face during this deployment. The ENTIRE family was there, except the Hubs, that was very hard for me and for Clark as well. Clark couldn't understand why his Daddy wasn't there with us. He kept looking at Hub's photo and asking "Where my daddy?" We always sleep in the Hubs old bedroom, but this time I had to sleep in the sewing room in a twin sized bed and Clark on an air matress :-(. Everything kept reminding me that he was gone. It was one of the worse feelings I've felt in a long time. I became a recluse once majority of the family arrived. When Clark slept, I slept. When Clark wanted to lay on the bed and watch t.v. I laid in the bed and read. I kept to myself alot, or atleast I tried to. You know some one told me that it's better to keep yourself busy, but with everything like a constant reminder it was impossible for me. Believe it or not, I was glad to leave to come home on Sunday. I loved being with the Family, don't get me wrong, but I was ready to come back to my comfort zone.


I've spent the last 2 1/2 weeks really getting serious about my Christmas shopping. I had to get the Hubs gifts in the mail to him by last Thursday in order for them to arrive to the "Sandbox" on time. I got him some really nice gifts and spoiled him in a way that he'll always remember, or at least I hope so. I spent much more money than I intended, but I think that it's of vital importance that Wes experience Christmas in a way that will bring him just a little peice of home. Clark and I are very excitied to see Daddy open up his gifts on Christmas Day. Hopefully Santa will be as good to Clark as he's going to be to his Daddy :-) Trust me when I say NEITHER of my boys will do without, although Clark is still having a small Christmas (Remember NEXT year we're going all out when Daddy gets HOME!!!).

The Christmas season in general has already began to prove itself as an emotional time for me. Now I must remind you I'm not a cry baby. I don't cry easily. It takes a lot to make me flow like a waterfall, but I've found myself on more than one occassion already in tears over something so simple. Here are a few examples...

1. I was packing Wesley's box up in the Target parking lot last Monday. I had just spent $50.00 on stocking stuffers and I couldn't get them all to fit in the stocking and then get the stocking to fit in the box properly. I had already packed the box to the max leaving only enough room for the stocking and it's content, or so I thought. Now friends, this was in no means a small box, but I just couldn't make it happen. I finally just sat down in the back of the truck and cried. Clark sitting in the cart looking at his momma like she was crazy. I can hear him thinking "Mom just get a bigger box, or send a 2nd one." Well, honestly I wasn't thinking either of those thoughts. I wanted it ALL in one box no exceptions. Needless to say we sent one box on Tuesday that weighed 26 pounds and I'm sending another Flat Rate box this week with the stuff that wouldn't fit plus a few more extra's. It's all good now :-).

2. In the madness of packing the box at Target on Monday I forgot to send the Hubs a Christmas Card. I ventured out to Wal-Mart at 8 a.m. yesterday in search for THE perfect Card. There on the Christmas Card aisle at Wal-Mart I had a meltdown. They don't make a Christmas Cards for deployed spouses. How crazy is that? Yes, I guess I could have just made him one, but that would be too much work for me. EVERY card I picked up said something about being together, cudddling together, kissing under the misltoe, spending Christmas together, etc. It made me crazy. I know I must have read 50 cards before I found one that was semi- appropriate. It was a beautiful card, but still not as appropriate for our situation as I wish I could have been. I'm kind of a card geek. I have a box I keep cards in for every occassion. If I see one that I really like and know that I will eventually use I buy it. I know the card section inside and out in Wal-Mart, Target and Hallmark. Wes has probably recieved "the perfect card" more times than he can count, 100 or MORE in our 5 years of being together. BUT this time I couldn't find "the perfect card." Enough to make this woman Nuts.

So 2 meltdown's down, and who knows how many more to come. Hopefully not to many more. I can deal with the big one on Christmas Day because I know it's coming. I'm hoping that between now and then I can prepare myself enough that maybe, just maybe it will pass me right on by.
You think I'll be that lucky?

Final's are this week (I'm taking 4 Test) and this is my last week of teaching at the KSD until Jan 5th. Clark has preschool this week and then we'll be resting up for Christmas, our trip to Gainesville again, a New Year, and more importantly the countdown to Daddy coming home for his Rest and Relaxation :-).

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