Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome Sweet Baby Breezy

First photo after delivery

Mommy's first time holding her sweet baby boy

Day #3 in the hospital

Big Boy LOVES his baby brother

Hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed

Breezy and I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family.
Carsen Lee
Born: 11 May 2010
Time of Birth: 8:22 a.m.
Weight: 6 pds 13 oz.
Length: 19.5 inches

Everyone is doing great. I did have a c-section and the entire process was smooth and quick. The recovery has been a lot harder than I anticipated but slowly but surely things are beginning to get a little better. I had plenty of pain meds the 1st and 2nd day but didn't want to take as much on day 3 because of the baby's feedings. He was already sleeping enough and the meds running through my milk probably didn't help at all. I have been without anything but Tylenol since morning of day 3. Our sweet boy is considered slightly premature but we feel like he'll catch up in no time. Our midwife Margit was GREAT through the entire delivery/recovery/hospital stay. She says that the baby was delivered 3 to 3 1/2 weeks early instead of only 10 days. No worries, he's eating, sleeping, pooping and peeing just fine!

I'm running short on time for now, but wanted to post the photos I promised!
Thank you for ALL of your prayers.

The Breezy 4

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Family of 3, We'll no Longer Be

My Bags are packed and I'm ready to go.

Breezy and I will leave our home tomorrow morning with the SUN at 6 a.m. to head out to the hospital 15 miles away to welcome our SON Carsen into the world. We'll wake up with the sunrise as a family of 3 and go to bed with the sunset as a family of 4. What a wonderful picture of God's faithfulness to family and of his delicate hand in Carsen's creation. We are very excitied, a little anxious, a lot nervous, and in all just ready for our sweet little fella to be here.

Big Boy will be in great hands while I am away at the hospital so that is one less thing that I will have to worry about. Our next door neighbor, who has become more like a best friend will be taking him to Preschool each morning and helping Breezy with the bedtime routine (bath, dinner, etc.) in the evenings. I am so thankful that the Lord knew that our families could not be here with us, as we hoped and he ordained individuals to step in and ask what they could do to help make this time as exciting and an easy transition for Big Boy.

I'm hoping to be out of the hospital by the end of the week but I will not push coming home until the Wee Man is eating like he should and until I feel that I have my pain under good control with very little or no pain medications. I'm just crossing my fingers that I do not have a roomate this time. Pray with me about this as well :-).

While I'm away anticiapte lots of good photos and a birthing story that I can't wait to share!

Love Ya'll

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

We're Almost There!

Hi friends!
It seems like I must always apologize for my absence before I can even begin my actual "post". Things have, as always, been rather hectic. Between getting ready for the baby here at home and trying to work until the very last minute I've been swamped. Unfortunately, my back has decided for me that I must indeed slow down.

We are finally coming to the end of this pregnancy. Next Tuesday we'll go in at 8 a.m. for delivery by c-section, UNLESS, I go into labor before then. I've had several really good check ups with the Dr. in the last few weeks, which has been nice. I'm considered favorable for delivery, but my body is not really cooperating.

Our Breezy Baby is growing, and it seems that he will have a head and feet like his Big Brother and his Daddy. That's ok though...more smart's! Right now they are guessing he'll be between 8 and 9 pounds. Any of you wanna guess? I weighed 5 pds. 15 oz, Breezy was right at 9 pds. and Big Boy was 7 pds. and 20 inches long. Big Boy wants Baby Breezy to have blue eyes like Daddy.
I just want him out so I can snuggle him in my arms and introduce him to his Big Brother.

I find it quiet humorous that Big Boy has "Boy Jack" in his belly still. We thought it was something that would just pass, but he's become very sure that "Boy Jack" is in his belly and is almost done growing. We've had to explain to Big Boy that "Boy Jack" doesn't need a suitcase after he informed me that the little suitcase was for him and his boys (Boy Jack and Baby Breezy). We finally told him that he'll just share with mommy and brother. He tells us that "Boy Jack" dances and sings the Ba*Ma* (superhero) dance and that he's almost done growing. We've bought him a boy cabbage patch doll that he has named Baby Jack, but it still isn't making this any less confusing for us. We'll see how it all pans out next week when he realizes that Baby Breezy is out of Mommy's tummy.

Breezy is working still but will be taking a little bit of leave starting next week. It will be nice to have him home with us. Big Boy will be in school a few days a week like normal, but will be home with us as well. We want to keep his schedule as normal as possible so that we can try to keep him from regressing in many of the area's we've worked so hard to straighten out. We've got some great friends who will be helping with him while I spend 5 days in the hospital.

Come back tomorrow for another picture from our maternity shoot!

Tchuess meine freunds!