Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick Update

My Momma with Cousin Tate and Big Boy Breezy

Aunt Jackie with Cousins Tristan and Tate and Big Boy!

Grandaddy's Memorial Service

My Family; Momma, Daddy, Breezy, Me and Big Boy!

I've been so busy over the last 11 days that I've not stopped long enough to breath I don't think.

On 13 Feb. my mom e-mailed and said that my Grandfather had taken a turn for the worse and the end result did not look promising, but that my Aunt Jackie had told her to hold tight at home in Alabama until she called her back.

Around Noon central time on the 14th I called my mom to see how he was doing and she informed me that she and my dad were leaving to head to Maryland. Aunt Jackie, who is in Maryland had called and told her that if she wanted to see him alive she needed to come ASAP.

THANKFULLY, My mom and dad made it to Maryland and to the VA Home at 1:40 a.m. on the 15th. My 87 year old Grandaddy made a sweet escape into Heaven at 2:25 a.m. with my momma and Aunt Jackie right by his side. I firmly believe he didn't want my Aunt Jackie to be alone so he held on until my Momma was there with her. We are so thankful that his final days here on this earth were peaceful and that he did not experience much suffering.

Breezy and I began a Red Cross Message on the 14th with the hopes that we would make it to Maryland in time to say our final goodbye's, but unfortunately we did not. Because of the unexpectedness of events we decided to take a Space Available flight into New Jersey and then drive to Maryland. This worked out great for us (time and financially) but we were not able to arrive until the 16th. For the first time in YEARS we were together as a family (although not complete) and that is all that matters.

Grandaddy's memorial was held on Friday and the service was beautiful. A partial Navy Honor Guard was there to honor his 43 years of Service to our Country. He was retired Active Duty (23 years) and Civil Service (20 years). He will be buried later this week at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetary with full honors. My Grandma and my Aunt Jackie will be there to celebrate his life.

My immediate family made way to Alabama on Sunday. Breezy and I needed to take advantage of being in America and get some things taken care of while we are here. We were able to pack up lots of clothes for the new baby and get some other things we'll need in the next few months together. This has saved us about $300.00. We've done SOME shopping but not a whole lot because we only brought 2 suitcases home. I will be hitting up TJ Ma** today or tomorrow :-).

I went to the Dr. yesterday to see my regular OB because I was experiencing some unusual lower abdominal pressure and I needed to get this nasty rash checked out AGAIN. Everything looks good as of now BUT Baby Breezy is already head down. He's weighing in at about 3 pounds and looks to be about 14 inches long. I've still got about 12 weeks to go if I make it to 40 weeks. I was pleased to see on the ultrasound that the bleeding has completely resolved itself and there is NO sign of the hemattoma. Now, I want you to tell me that the God I serve is NOT the Great Physician!

Enough talking for me. I have a lot to get done this morning and another cup of coffee is first on the list!

Happy Thursday Friends!

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Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm Here, not completely awake but I'm here!

I'm Cold!

I have a chest cold yet AGAIN!

And more importantly I just want all of this snow to go away.

Now for a little less complaining :-)

I am thankful today that Mr. Sunshine has decided to let his presence be known to our little neighborhood. We saw him briefly on Saturday but that did not last long at all. I'm sure he's just teasing us again to do as well. Some vitamin d would do this body of mine some good.

I'm thankful that I woke up at 5 a.m. got my laundry going and now at 9:30 a.m. I have all 4 loads of my laundry washed, almost dried, some folded and waiting to be put away. I'll be laundry free by the time I pick up Clark from the kindergarten at Noon!

I'm also thankful that this Thursday Breezy will celebrate his 27th birthday. As a gift from the Army he'll get to take a PT test on Friday. That means he'll have to wait until Friday night for his birthday dinner, but it will be worth the wait. PROMISE!

I'm VERY thankful that our new Bible studies begin on Tuesday. I'm still undecided as to which one I will be a part of, but I am sure that tomorrow when it comes time to choose the Lord will direct me right where he wants me.

I went to the OBGYN on Friday for my glucose test and my numbers weren't significantly good but they weren't bad enough for the Dr. to be to concerned. He'll check my sugars again at my next appointment in 4 weeks! I am thankful that for the first time in 24 weeks I am allowed to go longer than 2 weeks between appointments! YAY!

This little fella in my tummy is growing, growing, growing. We had a hard time getting an ultrasound on Friday because he was such a busy body from the sugar high he was on from the test. We will discuss at my next appointment (I'll be 28 weeks) our delivery plan. Breezy is suppose to go away for the month of May so we need to try to get an idea of if he should go or if he should hang tight. The original plan was to induce at 36 weeks, we said no 37 weeks but we'll see as we get a little closer. At this point I've not even started preparing for his arrival so he needs to hang tight for just a little bit longer! I am thankful that we are finally on track with his growth and development and that he reminds me everyday what a gift "Life" is!

Lastly, I'm very thankful that for 2 Sunday's in a row we've had over 50 in Sunday School!!!!