Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

My dear friends;

I know it seems like every time I come here to blog I have been MIA for some reason. For that I apologize...again. In the last week I have had a lot to process and a lot of decisions to make and that includes making a lot more time for those people that are important in my life. The REC/Program's ministry has kept me so busy that in many ways I have been negligent of many of the more important things. I have always said if and when I ever begin to put Ministry/my work above my "family" someone PLEASE be bold enough to tell me. We all need a reality check from time to time from the inside out.

Once again. I was in the hospital for 4 more days from Friday-Monday with MORE pregnancy complications. I believe my body is finally on the mends now and we are on the way to being able to carry this baby until full term. On November 8th during routine ultrasound the OBGYN discovered a large hematoma (about 12 or 13 cm by about 5 or 6 cm) that had attached itself to the bottom of my uterus. I was assured that it would not harm the baby but that it could become a free bleeder of old blood....we'll it did. I started bleeding Monday the 16th and bleed for exactly 7 days. The hospital/bed rest did help the mass to shrink greatly in size but when we measured yesterday it was still about 5 cm by 2 cm. I understand that this shrinking process could happen quickly or it may bleed more, or it may just remain until the baby is born.

On another note, when I was first admitted on the 28th of October for bleeding we never really got any clear answers. We knew that there were 2 cyst/sac like obstructions that were attached to my placenta, and one of them ruptured and the 2nd one reabsorbed itself...THANK GOODNESS. After seeing a specialist yesterday and spending close to 2 hours with him, he is more than positive that the fluid filled sacs were more than likely baby's B and C. When he told me that I almost fell off the ultrasound table. I can't even begin to imagine what I would do with TRIPLETS.

We were very impressed with Dr. Reu and he has said that since I am considered to be very high risk at this time (between the bleeding's and my blood pressure)he would consider be seeing him through the remaining 5 1/2 months. Wes and I are weighing our options and will make a decision in the next few days.

BUT....Today I am thankful for a few things and I wanted to share that with you :
* Breezy, Clark and I are spending this Thanksgiving together in OUR home not in different countries.
* Breezy made it home from playing war safely and on time. God is our Strong Tower.
* Clark has been close to sickness free for almost one year
* I am almost back to healthy and praising God for being my Great Physician.
* I am carrying a healthy baby BOY that we will call John Carsen or Carsen Lee.
* Our families that are back in the South :-) who will be eating Cajun Fried Turkey without me today.
* For serving in a ministry that is growing in amazing new directions
* Lastly, for my friends who have become my strength since I've not had very much of my own.

Happy Turkey Day Yall! Enjoy your families and friends as you celebrate the Great Things that God is doing and will continue to do in your lives!

Lots of Love from Germany!