Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here & There & Everywhere

Whoa, I did not realize that I had not posted since March. I guess for those of you who do check here to see if I have written, must have thought I had "Left the Building". Life has been crazy the last 3 months, but I will do my best to catch you up.
As I sit here I try to think back to April and remember what happened in that fabulous month, but my theory is; since I've been pregnant I've started loosing my mind and I don't have to remember back that far. Besides my parents 3oth anniversary, Wesley's parents anniversary, and Easter, I just can't remember.
Now, as for May and June. They were both busy months. We had the dance recital at the studio so between finishing up dances, getting costumes touched up, and preparing the little ones for the "Big Stage" it took alot of time. Earlier in the month Wesley recieved his partial orders, and as of now we are in the process of relocating together as a family (FINALLY!!!!) to Germany. We are not sure exactly what part of Germany, but hopefully tommorrow Wesley will recieve his completed orders and we will know where we can call home! He has orders to report on August 17, 2006, but since I'm past the "I can fly overseas" mark, I won't be coming until 8 weeks after the little one decides to make it's grand apperance. On the 18th I went to the doctor and found out that we are having a little boy. Let me just tell you, my youngin has no shame whatsoever. He just rolled right over and showed us his little boy part. I reckon he just wanted to make his daddy proud! Wesley was so excited when I told him he was going to have a son. I had to tell him over the telephone, but I could hear the excitement in his voice! I sure wish I could have been there to see the look on his face when he found out. On the 19th Mr. Creel came to pick me up from the big city of Atlanta and took me to the airport where I departed for a month long stay (June 7th) in Newport News, Virginia. Wesley is there at school so I took the oppurtunity to take a little vacations and stay with my cousin and her family for a week, and then my aunt and uncle for 3 weeks. Wesley and I only got to visit on the weekends, but our time together was great. We went to Colonial Williamsburg, the bay at Yorktown, spent several evenings watching the sun go down over the James River, shopped a LOT (for all 3 of us), ate some real good food, and just spent some much needed, deserved time together. After arriving back in Atlanta on the 7th, it was time to put all the energy I had left into preparing for the "1st Ever Clark Family Reunion". Everyone (around 50 folks) arrived on the 9th, and may I say we partyed until we couldnt party anymore.There was a band, lots of booze (my family likes to drink a little beer/hard liquor every now and again), and may I just say my dad cooked enough food to feed all the Soldiers over in Iraq. When everyone was leaving on the 11th, it was with no energy at all. Everyone was exhausted and ready to just get home and crash on the couch! Indeed, it was great fun, and plans for next years reunion is already in the making! Now for the refreshing part, Wesley will be home tommorrow night at 11:30 p.m. for some good R&R away from the base. He and I, along with most of my immediate family will be spending a few days in Panama City at the beach, taking in the rays and trying not to eat too much! He's only here until the morning of the 4th but hey, a few days compared to the time we've been apart is well worth it.