Friday, November 18, 2011

Just What the Dr. Ordered!

I told you guys earlier this week that I had not had much free time to blog but I think I'm on the way to "blogger-rehab".

The biggest reason for my sudden withdrawl happened unintentionally. I mentioned in my last post that I was offered a postion at First Baptist Church of Colorado Springs in March of 2011. I started on April Fool's day and before I knew it, it was time for my 90 do evaluation. Time was flying. Ministry was happening in full force. Easter was here, school ended, summer came and went, school started, Fall Festival has come and gone and now I'm one worn out little lady. I absolutely love my job but as any one in ministry can tell you, there comes a time when a time of refreshment is much needed. I am thankful that my co-workers have recognized this and have given me the oppurtunity to have some time off. So in order for me to get some down time, I have flown to Alabama with my 2 Breezy Boys, from our home in Colorado to spend 16 days with our families. I'll spend 10 days with my parents and 6 days wtih Breezy's. He's planning to join us in Florida this weekend. YAY!!!!!

I'm breaking the ice now by telling you all that once again my dear Breezy is heading back overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He is scheduled to leave early in the New Year. Unfortunately, because we are avaiation we will not make the 9 month cut off. He will be away for 12 months. We are both in pre-deployment mode and are trying to prepare ourselves for what the next 13 months will hold for us. I hope that you will join me in our journey. I will be blogging just like I did the last go round.

I'm out of time. My sweet boys and I are heading to Krispey Kreme in our jammies for some donuts and chocolate milk! They both decided that 6 a.m. was a good wake up time today. Nap time won't come quick enough.

Here's some pictures of the boys. They've both grown so much since March.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Been a Long Time...But It's Time


I have thought for weeks that I would find the time to start blogging again about the craziness that I like to call my life. Unfortunately, due to just that, I have not had time until now to sit down and really wrap my mind around all of the things that were/are going on.

I think I'll bring you up to speed from March 2011:

March: Wes was working alot already. We still did not have our household goods but we were slowly making our house a home. I interviewed and was hired for a job as the Children's Ministry Coordinator at FBC Colorado Springs. Clark started preschool at 1st Presbyterian Church and began to make new friends.

April: On April Fool's day I started my new job at FBC. Just in time for the Easter busyness. Carsen started Mother's Morning out at 1st Pres. 2 days a week. My parents were able to come for a 10 day visit. Our household goods arrived. We visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Dinosaur Resource Center. Registered Clark for Kindergarten. Clark can tell the Easter Story from beginning to end and it just thrills my heart. He is insistent that he has asked Jesus to live in his heart and we believe that he has. We will begin working with him on the aspects of that and lead him slowly in the next steps of baptisim.

May: Carsen Lee turned 1 years old. We celebrated with a Goldfish birthday party. Clark graduted from preschool. Carsen is still staying very sick so we spent many days and evenings in the Drs. office trying to figure out the cause for his consistent cold/diarreah. We have a new Nanny and my boys love her. Carsen calls her JuJu!

June: I was consummed in June with VBS. We had an amazing turn out. I was well pleased with the VBS materials that were chosen for 2011. I work 80 hours a month, this month I worked close to 150. I know I was ready for a break when June was finally over. I'm already in a VBS way of thinking and it's only November.

July: I fell down the stairs of our basement and broke my right arm. Lucky Me! Sista,Sista came for a vist. It had been WAY TO LONG since we had last seen here. My boys wrapped around her finger very quick! We visited Garden of the Gods. Me and the little Breezy's went to camp in Woodland Park. We had 8 children and youth from FBC attend. Several decisions were made by our Kids and it thrilled my heart. Clark absolutely loved camp and is already looking forward to going back in 2012.

August: We began test this month to find out what Carsen's allergies are; dairy, pet dander, dust mites, nicotine and strawberries. We are still discovering other things that his little tummy can not tolerate. School started for Clark and Mommy this month.We love Clark's Kindergarten teacher. She is my age and LOVES books and music! My kind of teacher. I am attending classes at PPCC, hoping to finish this degree in Early Childhood Education.

September: Clark is the big 5.He is 60 pds and bright as he's always been! School is going well for both of us. I am doing my practicum in 2 different schools and staying very busy! On 9-11 we voted to begin a process in our churh called BridgeBuilding. It's been tough but it'll either make us or break us. Fall Festival Planning is in full force. More testing for Little boy.

October: Clark is playing soccer and is doing a fantastic job. I love to watch him interact with his buddies. Family photos and fall festival happened before Halloween. I was told by older congregation member's that this was the biggest Fall Festival that has taken place at FBC in many years. Sista,Sista has come for another visit and it was a total surprise. LOVE YOU SISTA. Thank JuJu and Wes for making everything fall into place. We are all so busy.

November: We're on a short vacation. Spending some time in AL and FL with our families. It's Military Family Appreciation Month and Veterans Day. Carsen is going to get his first haircut with Auntie G today and then Grammy is taking the boys to get their photos made today. Best event of all besides getting to fly home to see our families..My very best, childhood friend married her prince charming tonight! Beautiful ceremony and tons of fun reception. I'll have photos to share soon.

I hate that I have had to take some time away but it is time for me to come back in full force. Our lives will be changing again very soon and I know that you guys are always such an amazing support and are always curious as to what is going on with The Breezy's.

I'll be back soon!