Friday, January 30, 2009

What My Baby Needs

A couple of my family members are/were and a few friends are all expecting new babies soon and have each asked several times what exactly they should register for or what they need for there baby. We'll here is my best guess and my recommendations. I might be missing a few things but I think I covered the majors and most of the minors.

* Pampers Newborn and Size 1 Diapers (highly recommended)
* Huggies Natural Fit for sizes 2-6 Diapers
* Huggies Baby Wipes (they are thicker than Pampers. I recommend using the Sensitive/No Scent to begin with until you know if the baby has Sensitive skin or not).
* Health Care Kit (clippers, aspirator, medicine dropper, etc.)
* Cool Mist Humidifier (We have one from Target that looks like a Frog….Clark LOVES it and we use it every single night regardless)
* Pack N Play (Recommend one that has the diaper changing station, mobile, newborn drop in/bassinet and converts for better use for a larger baby/toddler) Sheets for Pack N Play
* Boppy with Slip Covers
* Bottles 4oz and 8oz ( I highly recommend Dr. Browns Bottles or Playtex with Drop-ins)
* On The Go Formula Dispenser
* Waterproof Pads (Great for the crib and changing table. I have used this since day 1 with Clark. I still have one on his bed and one in his diaper bag to use in public. Washes great!
* Crib Sheets (regular and waterproof)
* Bottle Drying Rack
* Dishwasher Safe Washing Container (to wash bottle parts, pacifiers)
* Stationery Swing (One that swings front to back and side to side is good)
* Bouncy Seat ( I had 2, a baby papsan that was good for newborn to about 4 months, then I moves up to a little bigger seat that worked up to about 1 year.)
* Changing table Pad and Cover
* Bath Tub (
* Bath Towels and Wash Cloths (don’t need too many of these, depending on how often you will do laundry)
* White or Colored Onesies of an assortment of sizes.
* High Chair (I have both, one that sits in a regular chair that can be used as a toddler chair later and a stationery one)
* Receiving Blankets (I preferred the very thin flannel ones with Clark for home, and the thermal/long john type material or light fleece ones for on the go)
* Car Seat (Newborn and one that can be rear facing and front facing that goes up to 45-50 pounds. I recommend the Eddie Bauer.)
* Stroller (I highly recommend getting your stroller and car seat combination and also a Umbrella stroller or Jogger. I have the JEEP Umbrella for Clark and a Jogger and they have both held up great.)
* Age appropriate Toys
* Mommy Diaper Bag/Daddy Diaper Bag (I highly recommend the Columbia line of Diaper bags, especially the back-pack or messenger bag especially for a family that likes to see the sites)
* Butt Paste
* Breast Pump (Manual or Electric) and accessories
* Freezer bags for Breast Milk
* Nursing Cover/Shawl
* Lanolin e Cream/Nipple Cream and Breast Pads
* Baby Sling
* Baby Monitor
* Little Basket to Store Things
* Little Hangers
* Diaper Genie and Refills
* Baby Shampoo and Lotion (I used the Aveeno with Clark as a newborn and also Huggies or Johnson and Johnson Lavendar and Chamomille to help with relaxation. BUT the German stuff is GREAT)
* Thermometer (for the forehead or hospital recommended)
* Bibs (velcro ones unless your baby's skin is sensitive)
* Spray and Wash (Stain Remover)
* Baby Laundry Detergent
* Socks (variety of sizes…I Love Old Navy Socks with the little skid proof bottoms even for a new baby BUT if your baby has a latex allergy these are a NO NO)
* Burp Cloths or Cloth Diapers will work great too!

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Wonder We're I've Been?

Intro to Competition Class in Mobile for their 1st Competition EVER. These baby's received a Silver award (2nd Place) and 1st Place over all in their Age Division. I was one happy tap teacher. Aren't they precious?

My Intro To Competition Class (again) Performed at the Southern Cross Pro Bull Ride last Saturday night and they showed the Crowd what it looks like when "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"

Clark sitting on the potty with enough lip gloss on to hurt someone.
Instead of stickers or junk he'd rather have a little, or a lot of lip gloss on his lips for his potty prize. By the way...He's Doing VERY good!!!

Grammy got a new Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum for her birthday. It required a screw driver to be put together. I used my Gerber tool kit and Clark tried to help with "Turner" his screwdriver from his Handy Manny Tool Box. Well much to our surprise "Turner" somehow ended up later in the hose of the vacuum. I cleaned all the fans in the house on Monday, went to empty out the mess and found NOTHING. I knew there had to be something because I know I had vacuumed up a lot. Well, the above is what I found. 45 minutes later we were unclogged and back to vacuuming again.
*I just keep reminding myself that Clark's daddy would be so proud of his little handy man"

Cash Dean Buckley
*January 23,2009 * 8 lbs 5 oz * 21.5 in*
Welcomed by Chris and Kaci Buckley
This is the newest addition to our family. I am so grateful that I was able to be at the hospital bright and early on Friday morning (7 a.m.) for the birth of little Cash. Kaci had a c-section but was in and out of the OR in less than 40 minutes thanks to Dr. Flash Gordon!!! Daddy, Mommy and Baby are all home and doing very well.
Clark loves Baby Cesh :-)

I was/am sooo excitied that Cash finally
decided to make his grandest appearance.

In other news:

My mom spent last week in Maryland with my Grandparents. When I visited in August with my Mom, my Grandfather sorta knew who I was. He knew that I was a part of the family, but more importantly he remembered that the hubs is a Soldier in the U.S. Army. He knew my mom and he loved Clark which made my heart sing songs of joy! During this visit it was very evident to my Mother that my Grand has progressed quickly from the beginning stages of Alzheimers and moving downhill quickly. Luckily he's still doing most things for himself, eating pretty good, but his mind is elsewhere. He really didn't know how my mom was this time, but like me he knew she was a part of his family and that her name started with a C. I am hoping to go to Maryland again in March with Clark before I head back to Germany.

I'll tell you a little story she shared with me about Grand for those of you who might need a good laugh, even though it's really more sad than funny. We're trying to find humor in it though.
Because Grand couldn't remember mom's name he told her to write her First and Last name on a Sticky Note and put it on the lamp shade next to his chair so that ever time he saw it he could look at it and maybe remember her name. Well my friends my mom looked a little later and say that he was putting the Sticky Note in the waist band of his sweat pants. Mom said she asked him what he was doing and he said he needed closer to him so he could remember. Mom said, she told him "Whatever Works Daddy!"
If you Look VERY carefully you can see the
Light Yellow Stick Note in His Waist Band.

Next, MY DADDY spent this past Monday in Atlanta having some testing done. 10 Years ago my Daddy had open heart surgery at Emory University/Crawford Long hospital and was asked to be part of a Study they were conducting. It was such a blessing that he was in such an amazing place when his illness began and to this day we are very thankful for Dr. Puscas and his team and for the Nurses who cared for him during is 4 week stay.
In December we recieved a call from Dr. Puscas and was asked to come back to the hospital for very intense testing to see how Dad's body has held up since the operation. FREE OF CHARGE!!! My dad recived, an MRI of the Arteries in his heart, CatScan, PetScan, FULL blood work up, 2 1/2 hours of Neurological Testing and a couple of other little things that I am not sure of. Most of the results came back pretty good. We've not recieved the notes from the Neurological Testing, but we did find out that the Front part of Daddy's heart is no longer working/dead. Luckly the back part of the heart is where most of the work is done. We should be recieving all of the reports from all of the procedures to be taken back to Daddy's Dr. here in Dothan.

* Potty training is going well, much better than I expected. Clark's only pee'd on the furniture and the floor a few times!
* The Dance Recital is in 9 weeks. (Mrs. Tonja and Darby several of your students/little friends are my students!)
* School is going very well. My classes are going to be easy to manage and I should be able to make exceptionally good grades!
* Wesley will be home in 14 weeks for his Vacation.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My friends....I had a moment today.
One of those, "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" kinda moments.

We're strolling through the Commissary and Clark screams as loud as he can and is pointing at an older gentleman getting himself some milk from the cooler, "Momma Its Claus, Momma Its Claus, Momma Its Claus." I am steadily trying to hush Clark, but even bribing was not helping my situation ANY. The man turns around and laughs and says, "Miss it's alright. This happens all the time." He proceeds to tell Clark "I'm not Claus little boy, but Santa is one of my friends so you be sure and be a good boy and I'll be sure to tell him so."

Well, the story doesn't end there. Clark continues to question the man. "What's Claus doing?, Where's Claus going?, What' doin Claus?" I could not get off the dairy aisle fast enough.

Oh the life of living with a 2 year old!!!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Clark was invited to a birthday party for one of our favorite little friends and out of ALL the little boy bikes he chose to ride 1 or 2 pink ones.

The next few pictures are examples of what the Hubs does while he's away saving the world. Looks like they have a pretty good time....we'll maybe for the most part.

*Breezy is the bald fella with the sunglasses on the top of his head*

Nothing like a Good Cup of Joe, right Breezy?

Clark and Grammy taking their afternoon nap about 2 weeks ago.
From the way things look it must have been a good one.
*Grammy we miss you Come Home Soon from Big GrandDaddy's*

Looky what I found in my kitchen tonight when I came out from cleaning our bathroom.
He's ready to potty train I think.
(some good advice for boys would be great)

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Sweetly Broken Video

Take a look at this Video and also listen closely to the lyrics of this song.
Today I ask that you make this prayer.
There is a point in each of our lives that we need to take the time to be broken and mended back together.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Simply Stated

Sweetly Broken
Holy Surrender.

There's More to the Story. It's a Work In Progress.
Please bear with me.

I'm being pieced back together.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009


For those of you who do not know my hubs is a die hard Gator fan.
Well, I think that he's rubbed off on me and the little man a little too. Today I'm headed to the dance studio decked out in my Gator Garb and I can promise that I'll be dippin' out BY 7:30 to get home for some Gator Football!!!! The only thing that will be missing from this game will be the hubs. I'll keep him up to date though when he comes online later in the evening.

Just for laughs...My father in law is a MUCH bigger fan that the hubs. He gets so stressed out on game day. For every game he has a 1/2 glass of water (that he dosent drink out of and one that he does drink out of) and a peice of string (that he cleans his hearing aides with) sitting on the side table by his chair. He always wears the same shirt and socks to make things even better. When I asked him on the day of the Alabama/Florida game why all these things were necessary he said thats the way he started off the season and thats the way he was going to finish.
I'm going to get my mother in law to take his picture tonight during the game just so I can get a good laugh later, AND pick on him

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