Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Our little fella turned 3 yesterday.
It's so hard to believe.
Time has flown by and it has surely been time that we have throughly enjoyed!
We invited around 12 families over for the party and ended up with a total of 47 people all together. It was very good fellowship and a blessing to spend the day with many of our friends who have been on leave since the deployment ended. Clark received many great gifts. I specifically asked (anyone that asked specifically what to get him) for "learning" type gifts. I was very thankful that he only received a handful of toys and mostly puzzles, books, computer games, German matching game and more of his Thomas train set.
Here are a few photos from his big PIRATE party! We had a big time. We are so thankful that our Papi was home from Iraq in time to celebrate with us for the first time ever in 3 years :-).

*sorry about the crooked photos. Im not sure how to turn them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We're Still Kickin'

I'm here...do not worry I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. My life has been beyond nutty for the last 3 weeks. School has started and I am in knee deep already. My Sociology and Biology classes are fine but I got the wise idea of taking a German class as well and it's kicking my butt.

Clark has started attending the German Preschool 5 days a week from 8-12 and he just loves it. I was o.k. with sending him a few days a week but with working at the Chapel now and 13 credit hours of classes plus a house to keep up I am alright with him going everyday.

We've been dog sitting this week and these 2 little girlies have been like have 3 toddlers in our home (Clark plus Gracie and Heidi). Whoa!!! Their mommy and daddy went away to Spain for a week, but they are coming to get them this afternoon. They called and said they missed their girls!

Breezy is still only working half days which has been great. We've been getting a lot of things done here around our house which have been put on hold for sometime now. We'll be here until 2011 so we're pretty excited to make this house our "home" since we won't be leaving for a while.

We are missing Auburn and Florida football desperately. As soon as they both play big teams it MIGHT be on the t.v. here for us to see. Breezy and I are both hoping so.

Our Education Ministry at the Chapel just got kicked off last week. We had 42 ladies at Protestant Women of the Chapel, 12 Children in Kid's Worship and a total of 33 in Sunday School. I know and am trusting God to do amazing things in our Chapel this year. We have a new "Pastor" who has a heart to see our congregation and ministries grow and I am so pleased to be working along side him. I love being used by God as a tool to see his Plan fulfilled for the Kingdom.

I should run. Clark is sleeping and we're putting together his new bigboy bed from our German friends :-) maybe you'll get some photos!

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