Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Life As A Military Wife: Playing the Waiting Game

Well as you can tell from the title "My Life As A Military Life" is back.
I'm hoping that in the weeks that come I'll have some other great things to blog about in regards to my life as SPC. Breezy's wife.

The day that we've waited 10 months for is SLOWLY approaching. Sometime this weekend our Rest and Relaxation time together as a family will finally begin. Breezy is due to fly out at the end of the week and his arrival here in Dothan is to follow a few days later. Thanks to the U.S. Army we will have to wait to know for sure if and when these events will actually occur.

Up until this month I really thought that the days were passing by with flying colors. It seems like May has been much, much longer. The days are definately getting longer and time is creeping around the clock in slow motion. My husband is the most patient person you will ever meet and waiting dosen't seem to bother him one bit, but me, i'm the most impatient person you'll ever meet. I hate to be left waiting for anything. I live on a schedule. I like to plan everything down to the minute and when things don't go like my head says they should I get all out of wach. Being an Army wife has helped this some but at the same time it has made me absolutely nuts. Don't ever say to me "Just Be Patient" thats pretty much the same as cursing at me...I Don't Wanna Be Patient, until I'm ready (well except with my Breezy and Breezy Baby) and well right now isn't the time. Anyways..I'm done with that spill.

Sometimes the "Hurry Up and Wait Game" really gets the best of me. They want our Soldiers to get things done in a hurry, but in the long run there is normally plenty of time left to play with. For instance, they tell us to have our soliders at the hangar by 11 a.m. to depart for a field training excersise, well maybe by 4 p.m. the soldiers are getting on the bus, and maybe by 5 p.m. they're pulling off post. Drives me nuts.

You know the country song "Waiting on A Woman"? That's what I feel like when it comes to being an Army Wife. The Army can take it's precious time, and I'll learn not to mind as time goes on.
"she'll take her time but I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman."

I've been doing things a little along to pass the days away. Clark and I have done some shopping for Daddy (and for us too). He of course needed some new clothes to wear while he was here with us,and we needed to get a couple of things for ourselves too. Yes Girls, I do pick out majority of my hubby's clothing and most of the time tell him when and how to wear it. I'm pretty flexible though, I do usually try pick out the things that I know he like best. He loves to shop at Tilly's at Peir Park and at Pac Sun, but I like to shop at American Eagle, Old Navy and of course at the MAXX....I do compromise from time to time though. Isn't that what a good wife would do?

We're looking forward to some good times together while Breezy is home. We're going to spend most of our time in Florida in some SunShine I hope. Looking forward to some good rest, good food, and good memories made.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Real Quick Update

Baby Leighton Olivia was born 5-22-09 at 12:53 a.m. after many long hours of waiting. She was 5 pds, 3 ounces, 18 3/4 inches long. I'm not just a little proud am I?

Our little girlie has already been moved from the NICU to the Continuing Care Nursery and will only have to spend a few days there before going to the Well-Baby Nursery. No oxygen has been required thus far, showing that her little lungs are growing good!

Mom will be leaving the hospital on Sunday but will remain close by so that she can be with Leighton everyday, and they can come home togetther.

Today we are going to attempt to host the TAPS, Inc. Poker Run. I'm headed to Harley Davidson now to get this show started. IF we get rained out this event will be rescheduled!

Photos to follow soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers for the Gilmore family!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Waiting

Today is the big day...Finally!
"A" was taken back into Labor and Delivery around 7 a.m. and her induction is well under way.
She has been given her epidural and she is now resting. Her Dr. looks like she is about 20 years old, Cute, quiet and just real laid back. "A" has a nurse at her beside that has been with her since she was taken back into L & D and she will be with her until "Baby L" arrives. "A" will have a team of 5-6 people for her care and there will also be a pediatric team of about 5-6 people just for the care baby.

Its time for lunch...i'll update here shortly

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're Here....Waiting

Hey Friends!
I'm sitting here in Birmingham with the Gilmore's. "Baby L" is due to make her "Grandest" appearance tomorrow at some point. They will take "A" into Labor & Delivery between 6-8 a.m.

We got good news yesterday. Baby L is measuring around 36 weeks instead of 34 weeks which is excellent. She weighs around 5 pounds and 14 ounces. All of her little organs look developed and her lungs aren't too far behind. Maybe with a little oxygen she'll be good to go.

Please join me in prayer on "A'" and "Baby L's" behalf , if you are able, at 5 a.m. At that time they will come in and allow her to shower and prepare for the morning. Pray that tonight she will rest well and that she will be calm and experience a great sense of peace.

More updates to come tomorrow.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Urgent or Not So Urgent?

After a very restless night here in Dothan, we fumbled from our beds at 6 a.m. and headed towards Birmingham to check on "A" and "Baby L".

"A" had an ok night as far as resting, besides worrying about her husband "J" sleeping straight up in the chair beside her bed. She was able to get a little bit of rest, and is hoping to get a little more tonight (they are now in a bigger room with an extra "twin sized bed/couch").

The culture came back for the Lung Development test and the baby's lungs are not fully developed, but because of the risks of infection "A" is facing, she will be induced later this week. She will be 34 weeks and according to the Drs. at UAB as long as her blood pressure is remaining stable and a fever does not develope, she will proceed with a natural delivery as she had orignally planned.

"Baby L" is head down and still doing the wiggly dance inside of her mommy's nice warm belly despite the missing fluid. Because of the lack of fluid around her she now has less room to move, but is still moving frequently to let her Mommy know that she is A o.k. Her heart rate is good, so for now we're just waiting for her to grow for a few more days before she arrives.

So...what was so urgent here in Dothan, in Birmingham is just a typical case that they see every single day. We're feeling alot better about the situation. The Drs. and nurses are all very reassuring to "J" and "A", and are helping them both to feel more confident about "Baby L's" delivery.

Do any of you moms out there have any suggestions for "A" and "J" as they bring a premie into the world or for the delivery?

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Saturday, May 16, 2009


6:45 p.m.
I just heard from my aunt and "A" is all settled in at UAB. She has been seen by the OBGYN and the Pediatrician and as of right now they are playing the waiting game. "A" has not dialated anymore, but as lost almost all of the amniotic fluid. They are trying to obtain a sample of the fluid to test the development of "Baby L's" lungs. "A" will be 34 weeks on Thursday, if "Baby L" has not made her grand entrance, the Dr. will take the baby via c-section as a safety precaution.

We will leave here at 6 a.m. to travel to the hospital tommorrow to spend some time with our family.

Thank you for your prayers!

I received a call this morning that my cousin/one of my very best friends water had broken and she and her husband we're on their way to SEAMC. "A" isn't due until 1 July so going into labor today makes her about 5 1/2 weeks early. Had she been 4 days further along Dr. P said he would have felt better about keeping her here, but he dosen't want to risk ANYTHING. Dr. P being the great Dr. that he is has sent her by ambulance to UAB Women and Infant's Center in Birmingham and another Dr. P will recieve here there. I believe this was the best decision for her. The Dr. explained that even if "Baby L" was born today she would be sent to Birmingham anyways because of under developed lungs, so it was best to send "A" while "Baby L" is still in her mommy's little incubator with the hopes that MAYBE delivery can hold off for 24-36 more hours. Mommy and baby's STATS are both very good and

"A" is on the road now traveling with CARE Ambulance and her nurse from the hospital. "A's" mom, step-mom and dear SIL are behind the Ambulance, my Aunt and Uncle are close behind them, and the "A''s" hubby is on the road too, a little further behind because we needed to get some bags packed for Mommy, Baby and Daddy.

Please pray for clear roads and safety of travely. Pray that ALL parties involved (including myself b/c Im a nervous wreck here in Dothan) would experience a calmness and a sense of control over the entire situation. Please pray for the OBGYN, Pediatric Drs, and Nurses that will be involved in the care of "A" and "Baby L".

I Will Update as soon as I know something more.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Clark and I spent the weekend in Florida with Breezy's family. My nephew Logan turned "2" on Saturday so we had to celebrate the big occasion. We had a very good time and Clark was on his very best behavior. It was nice to spend some time with Breezy's Mom and Dad. His dad has been kind ill with the Flu or something since last Tuesday so Clark and I just did our share of keeping him company.

My Mother's Day was a very good one. Its hard to believe that I've been a mom for a little over 2 years. It's been some of the best days of my life. I received a package from Breezy on Saturday evening that had the most beautiful flowers in it, Green roses with shades of pink and some Vera Wang perfume. They were from the Vera Wang collection on the www.FTD .com website. I'll post some photos as soon as all of the flowers have opened. They are still very tightly closed, but still BEAUTIFUL!! Breezy knows me best!! Thank you for surprising me all the way from Iraq. We had a wonderul lunch/dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it was so yummy.

Well friends Im sorry for such a blob on nonsense but Im rather tired from traveling today. I have alot more to say, but you'll have to wait for tommorrow to role around.

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Monday, May 11, 2009


Chris, Stephie and her Beau Jeremy

See these kids? Aren't they a good looking group?

This would be my oldest niece Stephanie (or TeTe as Clark calls her), her sweetie pie of a boyfriend Jeremy, and also my 2nd oldest nephew Christopher. Steph is graduating from High School on the 5th of June at 6 p.m. and Christopher is completing the 8th grade with a graduation at 9 a.m. on the 5th of June as well.

Looking forward to you're new beginnings Stephie. Good Luck at Santa Fe in the Fall. I know you're saving for a Mac, but you should start saving for your trip to Germany too. You're going to look beautiful in your new dress :-).

Chris, Good Luck to you as you enter the High School in the fall. Hoping to see good grades and good behavior :-)

Breezy and I are both looking forward to being a part of your big day.


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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My Momma, Clark's Grammy

Breezy's Mom, Clark's Mema
(we are here in Gainesville now. I'm the stand in for Wes!)

Happy Mother's Day to 2 very special ladies in our lives!
We are so thankful for the 2 of you!
Thank you for being so consistent and always loving us no matter what.
You're support and guidance the last 10 months have been such a blessing!

Enjoy your day! It's made just for you.
We love you!

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Sometimes I Feel Like.....

This is me with some of my
at our recital last month.

A Nut, sometime I don't.

I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off

I'm loosing my ever-living mind

And the list could go on.

May is wiping me out already and we're only 8 days in. I've got so much to do and so little time it feels like to get it all accomplished.

Emotionally, the last 3 days have been a roller coaster.

I must ask you to pray specifically for my friends L and M and their 3 small children (3 weeks, 7 and 4). M is currently in the hospital receiving some much needed and very difficult treatment/rehab. I really want to share with you the details, but for M's safety and the privacy of the family I am going to withhold any other information. Just know that this is a very difficult and trying time for their families.

I've been working and worrying myself silly about getting everything together for the TAPS, Inc. Poker Run and Benefit Ride (Motorcycles and Classic/Antique Cars) on 23rd of May. Things are quickly coming together and the word is spreading fast. If any of you would like to make a shout out about this great opportunity PLEASE feel free too. This is a great chance for the folks in the Wiregrass to come out and meet our Special Steppers and to see what they are all about. If you can't ride and would like to make a contribution, we will have T-shirts for $15.00...and I must say they look pretty darn good thanks to my sweet Sis in Law!!!!

Clark and I took a trip to Dr. Beaucamp's office this week for a little meeting. It went very well and we're making some progress with some of the behavior/aggression issues that we've been dealing with. Dr. B is an amazing man who loves the Lord and loves his family and he and I seemed to see eye to eye on how I want to raise my Son. He suggested several books, and we will be attempting to do some play therapy, and I will also be working through a parenting workbook as well. Breezy and I will have one session together with him while he is home so that we can both be on the same page. There is a light finally creeping out at the end of the tunnel.

Let me say that potty training has gotten a little easier since the weather warmed up. Clark now wants to go outside to pee pee everytime he has to go, and he'll even tell us that he wants to. My thought; as long as he's not wetting his pants...a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do. We live in the middle of nowhere and about a 1/2 mile off the road so nobody can really tell what he's doing if they just drive by. We've been dry (with a few accidents and a pull up at night) for the most part.

Next order of buisnes...
Breezy will be leaving in 21 days to come home to see his family I can not wait. He decided to fly into Dothan and friends let me tell you I CAN NOT WAIT to pick him up from that little tiny airport. It's been a very long 10 months. I am so tired of being geographically seperated from my husband. Clark realizes that Daddy is coming home and ever helicopter that flys by our house or airplane that we see he says "Daddy's Airplane?"
We got word that our guys could start arriving back in Germany as early as the beginning of August! That makes me so excitied. I will depart back to Germany on 12 July and will have very little time to wait before he onces again graces us with his arrival home!

Well friends I've had a migraine since yesterday around noon, Clark's still sleeping so I think I will find my way back under the covers :-)

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