Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TaDa....He's 2

Aunt Bug came from Selma to spend the
weekend with Clark and Mommy

Clark's Party at Preschool

Clark, Anna and ALL his new books!!
(She's a Media Specialist/Librarian)

Clark's Cake.
Created by Shelia Brackin of Dothan, Alabama

The Birthday Boy
(Check out his cute overalls. Read HERE for more information)

He decided to take a break from playing to color with his friends

Clarke and Heather Grace playing in the sand

The Prince riding in his Chariot!

Here's his new ride....2008 Fischer Price Motorcycle
(This is for you Mrs. Tonja!!!!)

Playing the next morning before the Bouncy got picked up!

Check out his new big boy outfit from Daddy!!!

I'm back friends and I think that I'm finally recovered from a long week and weekend of celebrating my baby's 2nd Birthday. We started on Thursday with a party at his Preschool for all of his "friends".
On Friday afternoon the hubs parents came into town to join us for the big party on Saturday. Friday evening we had our regular Clark/Gilmore cookout and just hung out around the house. Cousin's Anna and Jonathan had tickets to go see our Tigers play so they decided to give him his gift a little early. He opened up the box and was immediately excitied. I am so thankful that I have a son who LOVES to read and look at storybooks. Since before Clark was born Anna has always made sure that Clark has books. She outdid herself this year with some really amazing stories!
Saturday started off a little crazy. I had a ton of running around to do before the party at 3, but I seemed to get everything accomplished before Noon...Thank You Lord :-). Clark had a 3 hour nap and then we were good to go. Everyone started to arrive right on time and believe it or not the entire party went really well. We had 18 children of all ages and about 27 adults. My dad was the chef of the day and as always we had enough food to feed an entire army. Clark received a lot of very nice gifts. We are so blessed to have such good friends and family who love Clark.
We rented the big bouncy from B & B Inflatables and it was the best $172.00 I've ever spent (well on Clark/party). The kids played until they just couldn't play anymore. I know they had a great time jumping, but the adults had just as much fun watching them play.
By the time the sky turned to dark I was so worn out that I was just ready to crash. I had not looked at the clock all day, i was sure it had to be close to 10ish. Well, I was wrong. It was only 7:30. I had Clarke bathed, clothed and in bed before 8 and I was in bed by 9 and slept like a baby ALL NIGHT.
Sunday rolled around and Clark was ready to play again. He didn't spend much time with his gifts on Saturday so we had to go through them all again and see what was new. We also played outside for about 2 hours before they came to pick the bouncy up. By noon he was worn out again and took a 4 1/2 hour nap. I also took a 2 hour nap after my in-laws and Aunt Bug got on the road to head back home.
In all we had a swell weekend. The only thing that would have made it perfect was Daddy being home with us. We spent ALOT of the day on the Web-Cam letting him be as much a part of the day as he could be. He tried to stay up, but with the 8 hour time difference it just wasn't possible for him to be on for the enitre day. We spent most of Sunday, Clark's actual birthday, showing him the pictures from the party and Clark was able to show him most of his toys via the web cam and they both loved that.

Thank You Daddy for making my big party possible and for my new Florida Gator toy box.
I love and miss you so much. <3 Clarke.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Take A Peek at Our Week

The way to Your Mommy's Heart.
"this one's just for you daddy!"

Wait for me, I'm almost there.

Grammy trying to get him to put some pants on.

1 Hour later and we're still in our undies, but no accident yet!

Proud as can be and still enjoying himself outside on Grammy's patio.

Uh Oh. Clark trying to figure out where the "wawer" was coming from. Then he realized he had made it from his "peanut"

So, i've had a rocky week. Not bad (besides failing a Science test) just very very busy. Here's a little run down of our week just to give you an idea

Monday: we had the morning off (thank goodness), but we had alot to do around the house for Grammy. I had to teach at KSD from 4-830 then it was home to get the monster in bed...Finally at 11 p.m. he went to sleep. Whoa I was pooped!

Tuesday: Up at 6 a.m. Clark had PS from 8-11. He didn't want to get out of bed. We were 30 minutes late for school. I hate being the last one to arrive anywhere. I went to bible study from 9-11, picked Clarke up and came home to rest before heading off to the dance studio. I taught from 4-815 then came home to get Clarke in bed and studied until 11 p.m.

Wednesday: Up at 5:30 a.m. to study more for the 2 test I was to take at 8 a.m. and 9:45. Drove to Enterprise took test came home, fixed lunch and got myself a little more presentable for the day. Had to go to Dothan with a cranky toddler to shop for birthday presents and to the bank. Was in bed by 8:30 p.m. I was so darn pooped. This weather makes me feel so relaxed in the evenings.

Thursday: Up at 6:30. Clark at school at 8 a.m. I went to the Shoppette to pick up some things to mail to Hubs, went to the PX to get more cards to send, went to the library, and at 11 picked Clarke back up. Got home at 1130, put Clark in bed for a nap, tried to get a hold of FRG leader to find out whats going on with the Hubs while hes saving the world. Was relieved to find out that he is indeed just fine. No telephone/internet response though for a few days. Taught at the studio from 2 p.m until 7:30. Picked up dinner at LaBamba, ate, put Clarke to bed with a little Dora and now here I am.

And Here he is right now with the dog bed once again. Wearing his new GAP jammies They say "Rock Around the Croc".

Side Note: Also see that blanket he's holding. I need another one just like this, if anyone sees one around Dothan, PLEASE let me know. This one came from Custom Stitches.

I am taking the day off tommorrow to work in the yard with Clark to get ready for his big birthday party next weekend. We've got lots to do to get ready :-) Tommorrow will be the first day in almost 15 days that we'll be staying at home ALL day long. I am so excitied.

P.S. Please pray for the Families of the soldiers that were involved in the CH-47 Helicopter Crash near Balad. Please also pray for the soldiers and their faimilies that will be involved in the recovery/investigation of the crash.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh What A Day!

Its been a busy day but I've been very productive.

I spent about 5 hours total working on Math homework for a test this week.

Clark and I played off and on ALL DAY. Good excuse to take time away from homework.

I took a break to enjoy some fresh boiled peanuts (we got them right from the field).

I went to Michaels to pick up more ribbon before my dear friend Darby goes and buys out the store again.

I had Sunday dinner (like every week) with my family and a few friends.

I finished another project.
(this was a project I copied from Darby)

THEN I found my soon sleeping in the dog bed in his bed

aAnd now i'm writing this blog and heading to bed!

Whoo I'm pooped!

Sweet Dreams my beloved hubby and you too my friends!!!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Coolest Boutique Clothing Around...Well in York!

Friends (especially all you Mom's or Grands) who follow Scattered Fruits I want to introduce you to my newest friend Nicole Williams. I ran across her on Ebay while looking for a pair of boutique overalls for Clark's 2nd Birthday. We are having a Farm/Ei-Ei-O themed party and she had just what I was looking for and more. You should go and check out her site "Rosies Couture Boutique" on Etsy. You can also find her Ebay store at rosies*couture*boutique. She is a the wife of a deployed soldier and the mother of the 2 precious children you see in the photo's below. You can order from what you see OR she can create custom items especially for you. After Clark's birthday party you'll get to see just how cute my little man in his custom overalls too :-)



Brother and Sister Matching Set

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Congratulations Nathan and Misty!!

I just wanted to introduce you all to a precious little girlie
Miss Olivia.

She was delivered via c-section on 12 September 2008. She was 7 pounds 15 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. As I mentioned yesterday Nate is off saving the world with my hubs. Nate was able to call just as Misty was going into the OR and Dr. Dozier the attending OBGYN allowed her to talk to him through the entire procedure and he was able to hear Olivia's first little whimper.

I was able to spend some good time with Misty, Olivia and her family yesterday afternoon. I was there when Nate saw the first pictures of his daughter. I wish the web-cam would have been on b/c I bet his face had the biggest smile ever on it. He's one proud papa.

My friend Genn, whose husband is also off saving the world with hubs and Nate said that her hubby said (in regards to Nate) "It was a great way to end my day....to see him so happy." I believe all of A. Co must have been gathered around Nate's bunk to share in the joy of his precious new pride and joy!!!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Clarke Misses His Daddy and I Do Too

The Hubs Misses Me Too :-)
(he sent Clarke a pic too)

My Husbands Bird in a beautiful sunset.

The last few days have been a little hectic for me and Clarke. I took him to school on Tuesday and was called around 10:30 to come pick him up because he was being very cranky and didn't seem to feel good. Well, over the weekend I had noticed this as well but figured with 2 eye teeth coming in I would be pretty cranky too. After having to go to the school early I decided that it would be best to take him into to see Dr. Blaxton at Southeastern Peds (I was a patient there from birth-18 years of age and now Clarke is as well). She checked his ears, they were fine, no temp, but a mouth full of blisters. She ran a strep test, and YES it was positive. This is the 2nd time that my baby has had strep throat this year. I felt so bad that I had sent him to school on Tuesday and exposed him to the other student, but then I thought about it...He probably picked it up at school. Too bad, huh?

Tonight we lost electricity at the dance studio around 6 p.m. so I didnt get to teach my last 2 classes. Imagine a studio full of little girls (about 40 to be exact) and a bunch of parents plus the staff, no lights and no air conditioning. I was a nervous wreck. We finally decided to send them all home and resume classes next week. There's no telling why we lost power but I was glad for a little bit of a rest tonight. I'm exhausted from a long week.

If the gas prices aren't too crazy tommorrow I'm planning to head to Gainesville to Wesley's parents house for the weekend. My precious neice Stephie is turning 18 on Thursday of next week and my FIL is having a birthday tommorrow. We'll see if we go though. It cost around 65.00 now with the cost of fuel to fill my SUV up so I'd hate to fill it up if the prices go up tommorrow. Poopie on Gas Prices.

I bought a new lap top today b/c my old one was about to go ker-plunk. Mr. Richard the computer fixer-uper said mine was beyond repair. I went to Sam's Club and found just what i was looking for and at a price I could afford. YAY for good prices! I am blogging from my bed tonight watching 27 Dresses and it's like a little peice of heaven here!

I'm off to watch my chick flick, if I can hold my heavy eyes open. They feel as if I've got bricks sitting on them!!!!

P.S. My dear friend Misty is going into the hosptial at 9 a.m. tommorrow for a C-Section. She and I are both from this area, our husbands are in the same company (in Germany) and are both deployed together. Please pray for Misty as she goes into the hospital to deliver tommorrow with the help of her mom and for Nathan as he will not be able to be with her. They are both going to experience a whirlwind of emotions. I will be going up to the hospital at some point to check on her and I'll update on little Olivia's arrival.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Adult Tap Classes at the Kelly School of Dance

Let me just tell you I taught my first Adult tap class last night and it was so much fun. I'll be honest with you guys though, to go from teaching my preschoolers and 5-8 year olds to adults....it actually kinda kicked my butt. I had to work just as hard as they were. That's not a bad thing though by any means. I told the sweet sweet ladies that at the rate we were going already we'd all be 10 pounds lighter by Christmas.

So, this is my invitation for you to come join us on Monday nights at the Kelly School of dance from 7:30-8:30. Cost is 40.00 per month for (4) 1 hour sessions. You can't beat that.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Life As an Army Wife {Part 9: Mind Your Own Buisness}

One thing that absolutely drives me nuts about being an army wife is that it seems like someone always knows whats going on in your family, whether you want them to or not. What's even worse is when someone thinks they know what's going on and they really don't. Lastly, when someone thinks that "my" world is falling apart around me and telling everyone else they need to pray for me and my family. Just for the sake of those who read this...I'm going to update of few area's of my life because there are a "few" individuals who read this that think my world is just falling to pieces.

Me: I am doing well. I've been back and forth to the doctor since Wes left having a couple of medical issues taken care of. I have completely recovered from my surgery and the new medications are helping tremendously. I am so thankful for Dr. Skinner and the amazing job he did making me feel like a new woman :-)! I've lost 7 pounds in less than a month, and dropped 2 pants sizes. I've got a long way to go, but I'm on my way to a healthier me. My blood pressure has been high the last 3 times I have had it checked and my cholesterol #'s have been through the roof, but with the help of a little weight loss and better eating habits that should come down. Both are hereditary so I'm pretty sure it's just something I'm stuck with. In December I will have a full blood work up again and I'm hoping things will look better. I will also be tested for Diabetes at that time as well.
I am staying busy at the dance studio (Kelly School of Dance) working about 9 hours a week. That doesn't seem like much but that its more than you think. Come time for competition and recital I will be a whooped puppy. I absolutely love every minute I am there. I am so thankful for my precious parents who so willingly keep my Clarke for me to be there in the evenings.
I've been doing my very best to stay AHEAD on my class work. I think I may have gotten in a little over my head trying to take 13 hours with a toddler but I am making progress and good grades so far. I took my first Math test this week and I actually think I did pretty good. I've made all A's so far and I'm hoping for the same for the rest of the semester. We'll see though :-). My professors at Enterprise Ozark Community College have been great thus far.
Other than staying busy I am enjoying being Clarke's mommy and the Hubs wifey more and more. I KNOW I am handiling this deployment alot better than I expected and a lot better than most expected I would. HOW GREAT IS MY GOD!
Hubby: He is doing great. He has been working now for 44 days without anytime off. I admire him more and more for his dedication to his job, and more importantly our country. He is very tired already and I am praying that when he does get a day off he will rest well and be refreshed in mind, body and Spirit. My soldier is a hard worker and always has been since we first met, and it amazes me how he can just go and go and go even when he is at the point of pure exhaustion. We've been able to talk with him almost every day and see each other on the webcam. We've downloaded Skype so we've actually been able to hear each other too. It's free so it's just as easy and alot cheaper than talking on the phone. I tell him all the time that the best thing about hearing his voice is hearing him tell me he loves me and Clarke. It's like music to my ears.
Our Marriage: Sometimes deployments do things to peoples marriages that are just undescribeable. Some end in divorce and some end up being stronger that one would ever expect. Wes and I seem to be heading for the later. We hit a little bit of a bump in the start, but because of God's grace and goodness in both of our lives we are doing better than ever. We have recognized alot of our weaknesses and also where we were failing one another as husband and wife. Since then, things have been looking up. We are working every day not only to fall more in love with one another but to fall more in love with Jesus together. I believe our personal relationships with Jesus will bring us out to a place after this is all over with where we never imagined we would be. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us. Through every challenge I just keep thinking to myself, that each one brings forth something new and refreshing and that there is also something greater on the other end. Every day is good but every day things get Greater!!!! I love my husband now more than I ever imagined I could ever love him. I'm not sure why it's taken this long to realize, but now is the time that he needs to know more than ever. Clarke and I are here at home rooting him on and waiting for the day that we can all be together once again!!!!
Clarke: As always he's just growing growing growing. We're having a big birthday party 3 weeks from today. I can't believe he's already going to be "2". We've been going to school for a few weeks and we are slowly but surely seeing a progression of changes. Believe it or not hes actually listening a little better, which is a plus for us. He's recognizing his colors better and we've been working a little more on our numbers and alphabet. Before we know it, we'll be working on potty training for real. You wouldn't believe the vocabulary that this kid has. He's gone from 3-5 words to over 100 or more. It just amazes me. This morning I asked him what was on his knee and he told me it was a "boobie" instead of a "booboo". He feel down doing something he does best, running around the car chasing grammy. Clarke LOVES to go to the library and check out books on Thursday. Our aunt got him a new bag for his books and he carries it like a big boy. I bought him some sidewalk chalk this week and he loves playing with it as well. He does make a pretty big mess, but when the raindrops come away goes the mess.

So there it is. It's pretty much all out in the open. See we are doing amazingly well. For those of you who think you know it all MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS.

For my faithful readers, I am sorry to seem so harsh but this has been an ONGOING problem for the last 3 months and it needed to be handled. Count this as your "September Update"!

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