Sunday, June 03, 2012

Relax...It's good for the soul.

What a world wind the last 2 weeks have been.
Breezy's parents arrived at our home on the 18th of May and we all headed south on the 26th together. We had a busy week.

We are having Dinner Mix-Ups at church and I was able to host on the 19th, along with my friend Katie, a group of families in our home. I was joyful that many of the individuals that had been invited to our home were some of our favorite church members.

Breezy's parents did some sight seeing, attended Big Boy's Kindergarten graduation and on their very last night in town they took Big Boy to the Fl*ing W Ran*h for a Chuckwagon Supper. He decided that night that he wanted to be a cowboy/roper for the rest of his life.

We left at daylight on the 26th and made our way to Broken Arrow, OK and spent the night. We left again the very next morning at 8 and finished our trip south. We landed at my parents house around 10 p.m. THANK GOODNESS! The boys did fantastic for spending 48 hours in route, 25 of those were in the car.

We've been busy but had a lot of time for relaxing. On Memorial Day we had a nice dinner with several members of our family. There is nothing better than my Daddy's home style cooking. We had Boston butt, collard greens, potato salad,cucumber and tomato salad, fried fish and cornbread, black eyed peas and chocolate cake for dessert. DELISH!!!

Tuesday thru Saturday we just spent time taking care of a few odds and ends. We visited Grammy at work, Big Boy and I went and picked out some new sneakers, boys went with BoBo to the Barber Shop, we had lunch with our Aunt at our favorite little pizza place, we went to the Western Shop and Big boy and I got some new boots (and he got a belt, pants and cowboy hat), we visited with our friends at Tumbleweed Ranch, we ate at LaBamba, we drank lots of sweet tea, BoBo took us to have donuts for breakfast, we went to a Western 60th Birthday and we took lots of naps.

Today we are just taking it easy. We decided to take a break from worshiping this morning and for once I don't feel bad for skipping church.  It's a much needed break.
Today is Grammy's first day off since we arrived a week ago and we've just spent the morning drinking coffee, watched Annie, had lunch and now everyone is napping.

This vacation has been RELAXIN and much needed before our engine takes off for the Summer. We have VBS the 11-15th. Breezy will be coming home for some R & R, we'll have camp in July and hopefully a trip to Glenwood Springs to meet sweet Baby Hadli in August.

It's almost time for the kiddos to get up so I better go get myself ready for the rest of the day. Looking forward to dinner with the family tonight and then a trip to ATL before we head out later this week.

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